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Mehta Jewellery is one of the best jewellery shops to buy diamond jewellery and gold online. From monthly gold investment plan to gold savings scheme, whatever is your need, we at Mehta Jewellery are here to serve you.


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http://www.mehtajewellery.com DIAMOND JEWELLERY THROUGH THE AGES In today’s day and age diamond jewellery has changed considerably and is very different from what it used to be earlier. Earlier stones bones feathers leaves flowers and all other things that a person thought was appropriate was used to make jewellery. Initially it was worn to ward off evil spirits and bad omens. Later it started being worn as ornaments to catch the attention the opposite sex. Since time immemorial diamonds have always been a part of the kings’ and queens’ treasures. They were quite a rare sight back then and only the royalty possessed it. Mining increased which led to increase in supply therefore even the non-royal families could afford it. Diamonds and India have a connection that goes way back. Diamonds were first mined 6000 years ago in India. It was done along the banks of some major rivers like Krishna. India is known globally for its fine diamond jewellery. Diamonds are even said to have celestial or astrological connections. The diamonds or gemstones are related to planets and have certain healing and spiritual powers. With the introduction of newer technology and superior machinery diamonds can now be cut into any shape and size. It is also polished to give the required gleam and shine. Diamond jewellery of India is known throughout the world. People around the globe love and adore Indian jewellery. Diamond jewellery is loved by both men and women. The fairer sex especially is fond of gold and diamond jewellery. The diamond jewellery collection consists of necklaces rings earrings pendants bracelets and lots more. Anybody who owns even a single piece of diamond jewellery feels very proud of his or her possession. It can lift a person’s mood and make him or her feel very special. Even men enjoy adorning and wearing diamond jewellery like pendants rings cufflinks ear studs and bracelets. The diamond jewellery in Chennai is quite famous worldwide. People especially go to Chennai to buy diamond jewellery. Mehta Jeweller are one of the most reputed and leading jewellers in Chennai. They have a fine Diamond jewellery collection. Mehta Jewellery provides you with the best quality of diamond jewellery in Chennai. Their diamond jewellery collection is simply exquisite and wonderful. They also have a wide range of collection for gold jewellery.

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http://www.mehtajewellery.com While buying a piece of diamond jewellery you should keep these points in mind. Here are some of them:  Quality – Check about the different qualities of diamonds that are available and select the one that suit your pocket. Make sure that you have paid the correct amount for the quality that you are buying.  Grading report – Organizations like GIA have grading reports to check the quality of the diamond that you have purchased.  Trusted jeweller – Buy your jewellery from a trusted or genuine jeweller. Make sure that the jeweller is authentic of the jeweller and is not cheating you by charging more money or giving you a lower quality product.

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