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Climatic Extremes - Temperature:

Climatic Extremes - Temperature 55 o C Rajasthan on a hot summer day -50 o C Ladakh on a winter dawn

Climatic Extremes - Rainfall:

Climatic Extremes - Rainfall >2500 cm Mawsynram (Meghalaya) <13 cm Thar desert

Climatic Extremes – Annual Range of Temperatute:

Climatic Extremes – Annual Range of Temperatute 3 o C Malabar Coast 20 o C Interior India (Delhi)

So, What’s Common ?:

So, What’s Common ? The entire sub-continent receives rainfall due to Monsoon winds

Factors affecting Climate of India:

Factors affecting Climate of India Latitude Physical features Altitude Distance from the Sea Other minor factors

Influence of Latitude:

Influence of Latitude Tropic of Cancer passes through India Northern half – Temperate Southern Half – Torrid Yet the sub-continent is said to have a sub-tropical climate!!! No striking difference of temperature Seasonal rainfall due to monsoons

Influence of Relief - Himalayas:

Influence of Relief - Himalayas Himalayas Stop cold winds from north Help to create HT-LP regime Pull monsoons Force monsoons to shed moisture in India Arakan Yoma Range Deflect the monsoons into India

Influence of Relief – Other features:

Influence of Relief – Other features Western Ghats Uneven rainfall in the peninsula Aravallis Dry climate in Rajasthan

Influence of Altitude:

Influence of Altitude Deccan Plateau cooler than Northern Plains in summer Snowfall in Himalayas

Distance from the Sea:

Distance from the Sea Equable climate in coastal areas Extreme climate in the interior

Other factors:

Other factors Western disturbances Winter Rainfall in Punjab Conditions surrounding the sub-continent Indian Ocean Africa Jet Streams Not much known

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