How to write Quality journal article

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How to write the Quality journal article


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If you submit a truly terrible article it might be rejected by the editors or reviewers. The worst thing that can happen however is that your poor article slips through the review process. In that case when the article is published it will be digitally archived and will remain visible for the whole world to see for as long as electronic records exist. If that doesn’t deter you and you are still focused on publishing a bad manuscript just follow one or more of the tips below. 1. Refuse to read the previous literature published in your field 2. Take the lazy route and plagiarize 3. Omit key article components 4. Disrespect previous publications 5. Overestimate your contribution 6. Excel in ambiguity and inconsistency 7. Apply incorrect referencing of statements 8. Prefer subjective over objective statements 9. Give little care to grammar spelling figures and tables 10. Ignore editor and reviewer comments How to write Quality journal article

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