4 Hot Instagram Marketing Tips For The Beginner

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4 Hot Instagram Marketing Tips For The Beginner I have outlined 4 Hot Instagram Marketing Tips below that im sure you will find very helpful If your just getting started with instagram. Instagram as most call it is a App. Its a online photo-sharing video-sharing social network service that allows you to share pictures and videos with all of your friends that follow you. If this is your first time to start marketing on instagram. You will find these 4 tips very helpful...

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Instagram Marketing Tips 1 Choosing A Username When you choose your username keep it simple. Stay away from using your company name unless you are the owner of the company. Its best if you use your name. If your name happens to be taken. Use words in front or back of your name such as: MeetJohnDoe FollowJohn JohnDoeTheGreat ect... Instagram Marketing Tips 2 Setting-Up Your Bio Your bio is the area on your profile that people see and read. Its also your little piece of realestate where you type up brief information about you and how you help people. Your bio is also the only place that you can add a click-able link to your blog lead capture page etc... On my bio my click-able link is a lead capture page. My lead capture pages is a Free Instagram Cheat Sheet that my followers can get there hands on too learn some really cool instagram marketing tips. Instagram Marketing Tips 3 Privacy Settings If your using Instagram for business. Dont set your profile settings to private. If your using Instagram from personal use thats a different story but if your using it for business you need people to see what your posting on your profile. If have your profile set to private it can cause less followers. Instagram Marketing Tips 4 Your Profile Image Your profile image needs to be a picture of you. Dont use images of animals flowers or money. It needs to be YOU... People like to see who there following... So be sure to use a nice image of yourself. One Last Instagram Marketing Tips... When you start to search for people to follow and you want to grab there attention... Like up to 5 of there posts and leave a nice non Spam comment on one of those five posts... Here is an exsample of a nice engaging comment... "Be sure you tag there name"... meetderekpatterson love your image so insta inspiring... Looking forward to seeing your future posts ahead... Tagging peoples name is more meaningful and more personal to them then just leave a comment... If you want a near guarantee that they will follow you back... Do what I just taught you to do above and your following will grow and grow...

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I sincerely hope that you got some value from my Four Hot Instagram Marketing Tips above. If your still searching for more instagram marketing ideas tips tricks strategies. I highly encourage that you check out Insta Lead Magic. This training course has personally help me to grow my business to new levels. If you got value from my post I would gratefully appreciate if you leave a comment below and shared on Facebook To your abundance Derek Patterson Every strike brings me closer to the next home run. –Babe Ruth My Awesome Blog: http://DerekPatterson.WS Lets Stay Connected Facebook: http://Facebook.com/FollowDerekPatterson Twitter: http://Twitter.com/Derek_Patterson Instagram: http://Instagram.com/MeetDerekPatterson Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: http://YouTube.com/FollowDerekPatterson

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