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Comptia Sy0-501 Dumps PDF

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Sy0-501 Braindumps 100 Valid Comptia Sy0-501 Exam Questions For Preparations

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NEW QUESTION 141 A company wants to ensure that the validity of publicly trusted certificates used by its web server can be determined even during an extended internet outage. Which of the following should be implemented A. Recovery agent B. Ocsp C. Crl D. Key escrow Answer: B Sy0-501 Exam Practice Questions

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NEW QUESTION 142 An administrator intends to configure an IPSec solution that provides ESP with integrity protection but not confidentiality protection. Which of the following AES modes of operation would meet this integrity-only requirement A. HMAC B. PCBC C. CBC D. GCM E. CFB Answer: A Sy0-501 Exam Practice Questions

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NEW QUESTION 143 The Chief Security Officer CSO has issued a new policy that requires that all internal websites be configured for HTTPS traffic only. The network administrator has been tasked to update all internal sites without incurring additional costs. Which of the following is the best solution for the network administrator to secure each internal website A. Use certificates signed by the company CA. B. Use a signing certificate as a wild card certificate. C. Use certificates signed by a public CA. D. Use a self-signed certificate on each internal server. Answer: D Sy0-501 Exam Practice Questions

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NEW QUESTION 144 A security program manager wants to actively test the security posture of a system. The system is not yet in production and has no uptime requirement or active user base. Which of the following methods will produce a report which shows vulnerabilities that were actually exploited A. Peer review B. Component testing C. Penetration testing D. Vulnerability testing Answer: C Sy0-501 Exam Practice Questions

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NEW QUESTION 145 A new intern in the purchasing department requires read access to shared documents. Permissions are normally controlled through a group called "purchasing" however the purchasing group permissions allow write access. Which of the following would be the BEST course of action A. Modify all the shared files with read only permissions for the intern. B. Create a new group that has only read permissions for the files. C. Remove all permissions for the shared files. D. Add the intern to the "purchasing" group. Answer: B Sy0-501 Exam Practice Questions

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