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Gifting is a very old tradition. Here are some unique gift ideas to make someone feel special.


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Gift Giving

What is a gift?:

What is a gift? Gift is a present given to someone on their special day. Gifts are given to express our feelings and emotions for our loved ones. We give gifts to someone to express our love and gratitude for them. Gifting is a very old tradition.

What is gift giving?:

What is gift giving? Gift giving means to present a gift to someone without expecting anything in return. There are various types of gifts which you can give to someone. But greeting cards and gift made-up of paper can give you a feeling of nostalgia.

Why we give gifts?:

Why we give gifts? We give gifts on some special occasions. We give gifts when there’s a birthday, anniversary, ceremony or childbirth. Gifts are also given on some festivals like new year, Christmas, diwali and thanksgiving etc. We give gifts to show our love, feelings, emotions and gratitude.

Why paper products can be the best gift to give someone?:

Why paper products can be the best gift to give someone?

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You can express your love by writing something on a greeting card. You can write those feelings on a greeting card which you can’t speak out loud.

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You can give some handcrafted paper products to your loved ones. They will definately love it. You can give a paper photo frame which will surely amaze them on their special day.

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You can give someone a handmade explosion box. You can write messages for then and also stick various photographs on this explosion box.

Slide 9: You can give a customized newspaper as a gift. It will prove to be a unique gift for your loved ones. You can write anything about them in this personalized newspaper and you can also add various photos of them while getting it printed.

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