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ETSU Love Your Body Day


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ETSU Love Your Body Day : 

ETSU Love Your Body Day Women’s Studies 2012-008 Activism Project

Purpose: : 

Purpose: Love Your Body Day was created by the NOW Foundation. The National day is October 20, but ETSU celebrated on December 2. They aim to promote self confidence and positive body image among women by drawing attention to photo-shopped models and sexist ads. Commercials and magazine ads reduce women down to one body part for example: breasts, lips or a pair of legs. Movies and reality TV shows say that plastic surgery is necessary in order to keep a man or look beautiful. Magazines feature models that are photo-shopped to have impossible body proportions and not a pore in sight.

Our Part: : 

Our Part: The ETSU Women’s Studies 2010-008 class participated in Love Your Body day on December 2nd. We put together a bake sale with all proceeds going to The River, a place for homeless women to rest and recover. We gathered magazine cutouts and encouraged people to write messages on them, which will then be sent back to the companies. We informed people about Love Your Body day, and promoted healthy body image by bringing attention to the photo-shopping of models in magazines.

My Part: : 

My Part: Created a Facebook group to get the word out Baked goodies to sell for our bake sale Attended and worked the event Chatted with visitors and students about the purpose of Love Your Body Day and our activism project

Results: : 

Results: We ended up only making around $25 or so. Also, few people wrote on the Magazine cutouts. During the time that I worked the booth, we had several people meander in the direction of our table, but overall, the crowd was low.

Weaknesses: : 

Weaknesses: When our group who was involved discussed it afterword, we all agreed that the project felt a bit rushed, as though we had not been able to put forth our best effort. I do not believe that very many students, men or women at ETSU, were even aware that Love Your Body Day even existed. Although there were flyers, posters, and Facebook groups, I think that it would have been more successful if we had started informing people earlier. We had quite a few people in our group (which was great!) but that made harder to keep in touch and organize. Once again, I wish that we had started planning earlier.

Strengths: : 

Strengths: I felt like everybody involved did a great job talking to people at the event. Our purpose was to bring awareness to the way that advertisements objectify women, and to promote a healthier self- esteem by bringing that to light. We have all had personal experience in that matter, and have discussed it numerous times in class. Therefore, I thought that our group was skilled when presenting those facts to an audience. I loved how, because of this project, my group members and I were able to get to know each other better. I found that most people were easy to work with, and willing to do their part.

Overview: : 

Overview: Even though the crowd was small and we didn’t make much money, I am reminded of something that Ms. Gott said. She told us to keep in mind that activism is different from volunteering. Rather then donating our time by volunteering, we were supposed to raise awareness about a cause. It is not important how successful the project was. Instead it is about getting people’s attention and creating awareness which I believe that we accomplished.

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