Effective Ways to Handle Your Child’s Mood Swings

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Dealing with Moody Children: Effective Ways to Handle Your Child’s Mood Swings:

Dealing with Moody Children: Effective Ways to Handle Your Child’s Mood Swings


If your young kid has been cranky and throwing tantrums for the last few days, don’t worry! It happens to almost all parents. And before you blame your parenting for your moody child, know that it is a completely natural part of your child’s development. It’s not just adults but young children get moody too. It usually happens when a child doesn’t know how to appropriately express his/her disappointment.


While it can be frustrating for parents to watch their child sulking in the corner or walking around in a huff, you need not lose your calm and react to their mood swings. Instead, you can team up with your child and get them to learn the right way to express their feelings of frustration and displeasure. But how do you do it? Here are some tips for parents to deal with their moody child and help the child control their emotions.

Spend Enough Time with your Child:

Spend Enough Time with your Child The most important rule of dealing with a moody child is to take quality time to nurture them. Moody kids that don’t get enough attention from their parents often tend to develop into uncivilised adults. So, make sure you spend adequate time with your sullen child to understand their emotions and the reason behind their inappropriate behaviour.

Allow to Express:

Allow to Express Sometimes, kids choose to sulk, pout and whine because they don’t know the right way to let their anger or frustration out. They might also not feel safe to express their feelings in home. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make your child comfortable and safe to communicate their emotions within the home.

Tell the difference between the right and wrong way of expressing :

Tell the difference between the right and wrong way of expressing When you child does something inappropriate to showcase their displeasure, stop them right away. Sit with them and tell what’s wrong with such behaviour while encouraging them to verbally communicate whenever they feel cranky or low. Help them figure out positive ways to display their sentiments like they can say “I don’t want to sleep right now” instead of whining and walking away from bed or they can ask for their favourite dessert or watch their favourite cartoon movie when not feeling good. You need to let your child know that there are other ways to express their feelings than walking around with a huffy attitude, sulking or whining.

The Takeaway:

The Takeaway The last thing you want to do when your child is having a mood swing is overreact and punish them. A moody child can be frustrating to any parent, but you can’t ignore the fact that it is your responsibility to get your child out of their mood swing and help them to learn proper ways to communicate and display their mood. Using these tips, you can develop a strategy to deal with your child’s inappropriate behaviour and make positive changes to their attitude.


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