A Brief Overview of Types of Cancer Treatment in India

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A Brief Overview of Types of Cancer Treatment in India India’s health and medical care are robust and ever-improving. Indian cancer society was established more than five years ago as a public trust for the country. This society is still working as a leading anti-cancer group in India. The members of this group work for the poorer section of the society in India and maintain a record of the number of incidences of various types of cancers. Also this society manages all the resources that are made available to the patients international and local both and also have the responsibility to keep track of the trends and other associated statistics related to cancer treatment in India. A majority of work is done in working with the rural poor. It has set up a rehabilitation center for cancer patients which has gained global recognition. Cancer Treatment In India

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At present the treatment protocols being employed in India to treat patients with cancer is at par with the methods performed in countries like the US. With an improved infrastructure of premier healthcare facilities houses surgical units high-end operation theatres radiation clinics research labs etc. and highly skilled cancer specialists India is attracting a horde of patients seeking cancer treatment today Cancer treatments in India: Treatment options are advised to patients on the basis of the type and stage of cancer. In some cases diagnosis and treatment occur on a parallel basis. On the other hand there are many cases wherein the patients are put under a unique sequenced treatment or protocol. A majority of these involve surgery shunt chemotherapy radiation therapy or combination treatments.

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Cancer Treatment in India Apart from that palliative therapy such as pain medications and anti-nausea medications are utilized by doctors with the intent to treat cancer and improve the quality of life of the terminally ill cancer patient. In addition there are several alternative treatments for cancer. In fact research claims that cancer can be cured or the extent of damage can be reduced by including broccoli grapes ginseng soybeans green tea Aloe Vera and lycopene in the daily diet. Further treatments like acupuncture vitamins and dietary supplements have brought significant improvements in patients with cancer.

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To battle cancer patients are strongly recommended to follow a strict schedule balanced diet and exercise while continuing the formal course of treatments. Role of the Oncologist in treating cancer: An oncologist treats cancer. He or she may be a specialist in radiation therapy medical oncologist or a surgeon. Furthermore depending upon where cancer is located it can be treated by specialists such as ob-gyn specialists treats uterine cancer immunologist treat cancer in the immune system. Primary care physician and primary oncologist will help the patient to carve out an effective treatment plan to ensure best results. The operating oncologist provides valuable consultation conduct diagnosis and advise a type of treatment method depending on the patient’s health condition and extent nature of cancer. Also he or she will help the patient being treated to restore the quality of life that was once lost.

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