Spine Surgery in India

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A HEALTHY SPINE GIVES YOU A HEALTHY OUTLOOK Accessing the freedom of movement is a primary sign of life and our spine is responsible for the movement support protection coordination and control of our body. It is noteworthy that any change in the structure or function of the spine can adversely affect our ability to move. Thus a healthy spine is very important. Spinesurgery in India has been a safe method of curing such health hazards. L e t ’s know more about why spine problems arise and what measures can we adopt to stay away from them and cure them.

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WHY DOES SPINAL PROBLEMS ARISE The most common cause of spinal problems is a sedentary lifestyle wherein a person is devoid of the right amount of physical exercise. If a person is exposed to prolonged or frequent bending the probability of spinal problems can significantly arise for him or her. People with professions or work that requires sitting or standing for long hours can also result in critical spinal problems. Poor posture or slouched sitting habits can also lead to spinal problems. Additionally the choice of wrong footwear has also emerged as a trivial cause of spinal problems in some cases.

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PRIMARY SIGNS OF SPINAL PROBLEMS Persistent and critical backache that you are unable to cure with rest in some critical cases this pain radiates to the legs and below the knee The patient may suffer fever and weight loss in some cases Swelling and redness of the back A recent injury blow or trauma to your back Difficulty in even slight bending and performing daily tasks

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DIFFERENT TYPES OF SPINE SURGERIES IN INDIA Spine surgery in India is easily available and is performed by experienced medical professionals with years of expertise. Doctors can recommend different kinds of spinal surgeries after thoroughly assessing the pa t ient ’s health condition. Some of the most used types of spine surgeries are as follows

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FORAMINOTOMY This involves removing the tissues that compress the nerves in the back and constrict the nerves in the spinal column.

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LAMINECTOMY One of the most-widely recommended spine surgery for spondylolisthesis and stenosis. It involves removing parts of the backbone thereby relieving the pressure on the spinal nerves.

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SPINAL DISC REPLACEMENT This comparatively newer surgical treatment for back pain involves replacing the damaged spinal disc with an artificial disc resulting in continued spine mobility.

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SPINE FUSION Aimed at restricting the movements and limiting the stretching of nerves this surgery involves joining two vertebrae together to increase spine stability.

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DISCECTOMY Used to treat the herniated disc in the vertebrae this surgery involves removing all or part of the disc which separates two vertebrae and causes pain if herniates inwards and squeezes the spinal nerves.

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