Interlocking Lead Bricks For Radiation Shielding


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Interlocking lead bricks are used in industries where high intensity radiation protection is needed. The bricks are easily assembled, and provide maximum protection from harmful radiation. For interlocking lead bricks, call Medi-Ray™ at 877-898-3003 or Fax at 914-337-4620 or E-mail at or you can visit at:


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Interlocking Lead Bricks For Radiation Shielding:

Interlocking Lead Bricks For Radiation Shielding

Interlocking Lead Bricks:

Interlocking Lead Bricks Lead bricks are used in radiation shielding applications. Among the types of lead bricks, interlocking lead bricks offer the best protection from harmful radiation. The bricks are widely used in nuclear industries.

Interlocking Lead Bricks are Preferred:

Interlocking Lead Bricks are Preferred Features: High density and thickness. Easy to erect and assemble. Easily modify and relocate protective walls. Eliminate the danger of radiation leakage. Provides a more stable and sturdy wall system. Interlocking brick configurations can be altered and custom designed.

Interlocking Lead Bricks by Medi-Ray™ :

Interlocking Lead Bricks by Medi-Ray™ Medi-Ray™ developed a revolutionary interlocking design for lead bricks. The bricks provide the easiest assembly and the greatest radiation protection. Contact Medi-Ray™ for high-quality interlocking lead bricks.

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Contact : Medi-Ray TM 150 Marbledale Road Tuckahoe, New York, 10707 Tel : ​ 877-898-3003 Fax : 914-337-4620 E-Mail:

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