Characteristics and Application of Lead Bricks

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Lead bricks are used in areas where protection from very high intensity radiation is required. Medi-Ray™ manufactures different types of lead bricks with interlocking features to assure maximum protection from harmful radiation. Call at 877-898-3003 to know more about lead radiation shielding can email at or visit at


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Characteristics and Applications of Lead Bricks:

C haracteristics and Applications of Lead B ricks

Lead Bricks:

Lead Bricks Lead bricks come from the purest lead available, and are popular for constructing lead walls in places where the need for radiation protection is high.

Types of Lead Bricks Manufactured by Medi-RayTM:

Types of Lead Bricks Manufactured by Medi-Ray TM Standard Rectangular Lead Bricks Interlocking Lead Bricks Lead Barrier Walls and Caves Dura Block Custom Lead Bricks

Characteristics of Lead Bricks:

Characteristics of Lead Bricks Cast from 99.9% pure virgin high quality lead. Commonly used for shielding when lead sheet lead is not in proper sizes or thicknesses. Versatile for many applications, including in walls, bunkers, coves, glove-boxes, hot cells, partitions, nuclear shielding, transportation of radioactive materials or as a ballast weight.

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Available as straight, rectangular or interlocking type in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and shapes to suit your application. Lead bricks can be cut on site in any direction without the fear of losing the interlocking capability . Lead Bricks are also available in machined finish.

Applications of Lead Bricks:

Applications of Lead Bricks Lead bricks are typically used in nuclear and radiation therapy applications. However, lead bricks can also be used for radioactive isotope creation, ballast weights and counterbalances.

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The interlocking feature of these lead bricks eliminates any radiation leakage in the wall. These interlocking lead bricks are offered in sizes that are manageable and easy to stack, and they require no mortar or any other additional shielding materials.

Benefits of Lead Bricks:

Benefits of Lead Bricks Reduce exposure to harmful high energy radiation. Create a healthy and safe environment. Lead bricks can be easily erected, modified, disassembled and relocated. Can be custom designed and manufactured to your specifications .

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Medi-Ray TM is devoted to innovation in lead metal technology. Since 1974, Medi-Ray TM supplies all standard lead brick sizes with interlocking features. Contact Medi-Ray™ for best radiation shielding products .

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Contact Us: Medi-Ray TM , Inc. Address: 150 Marbledale Road, Tuckahoe, New York, 10707 Tel: ​877-898-3003, ​914-979-2740 Fax: 914-337-4620 E-Mail:

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