Lead Radiation Shielding Products by Medi-Ray(TM)


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Since 1974, Medi-RayTM has been the largest supplier of radio-pharmaceutical shipping containers. Thia slide discusses about some of the lead radiation shielding products manufactured by Medi-RayTM. To know more, call 877-898-3003 or fax at 914-337-4620. You can also send mails at sales@mediray.com. Visit our website at http://www.mediray.com/


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Lead Radiation Shielding Products by Medi-RayTM:

Lead R adiation Shielding Products by Medi-Ray TM

Lead Shielding :

Lead Shielding Lead shielding refers to the use of lead to shield or protect people or object from any radiation. Because of its high density and high atomic number, lead can effectively fade certain kinds of radiation. And that’s why lead is used as radiation protection in applications ranging from x-ray imaging and PET rooms to nuclear reactors.

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Since 1974, Medi-Ray TM 's has been the largest supplier of radio-pharmaceutical shipping containers . Medi-Ray TM is mainly known for shielding radioactive products, X-ray, PET, CT or MRI equipment. Lead is used for shielding of radioactive products.

Generator Shields:

Generator Shields Used for the on-site conversion of saline solutions into usable dosages of radiopharmaceuticals.

Sheet Lead:

Sheet Lead Sheet lead shielding material is available in thin antimonial lead foils that adapt well to thin contoured applications such as electrical shielding.

PET Scanner Shielding:

PET Scanner Shielding Medi-Ray TM is currently working with industry experts to develop a unique syringe shielding and transport apparatus specifically designed to meet the heavier shielding demands of PET scanning.

Lead Lining:

Lead Lining Medi-Ray TM ’s line of adhesive-backed lead sheeting enables a manufacturer to construct a custom shielded container by simply cutting the sheet lead with scissors or a razor knife and applying it to foam packing material.

Lead Stamping:

Lead Stamping Stamping provides an excellent alternative for both prototype and production size quantities. Medi-Ray TM concentrates on stamping lead thicknesses from .020" to .125 " in stamping applications.

Lead Extrusions:

Lead Extrusions Medi-Ray TM 's custom production machines can provide extrusions in numerous shapes and sizes .

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Contact Us: Medi-Ray TM , Inc. Address: 150 Marbledale Road, Tuckahoe, New York, 10707,USA Tel: ​877-898-3003, ​914-979-2740 Fax: 914-337-4620 E-Mail: sales@mediray.com www.mediray.com

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