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Radiation shielding is the use of material or device which can protect against ionizing radiation. Lead is a primary metal for Radiation Shielding. This slide discusses about the different types of lead shielding materials. For any further enquiry or to get free quotes call at 877-898-3003 / 914-979-2740 or you can also e-mail at Visit for more information or Fax at 914-337-4620.


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Types Of Radiation Shielding Materials:

Types Of Radiation Shielding Materials

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Medi-Ray TM is the hallmark of radiation safety, shielding solutions and counterweight design.

Radiation Shielding:

Radiation Shielding Radiation shielding is the use of material or devices that protect against ionizing radiation.

Lead is the Best Radiation Shielding Metal:

Lead is the Best Radiation Shielding Metal The properties of lead which makes it an excellent shielding material are its: density , high atomic number, high level of stability, ease of fabrication, High degree of flexibility in application, and its availability.

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Different types of radiation shielding materials

Traditional Lead Shielding:

Traditional Lead Shielding The high density of lead (11.34 grams per cm³) makes it a useful shield against X-ray and gamma-ray radiation. To transform pure lead into a wearable radiation shielding material it’s mixed with binders and additives to make a flexible lead vinyl sheet. The lead sheets are then layered to the desired thickness to achieve the required lead equivalency and incorporated into the radiation shielding garment.

Lead Composite Shielding:

Lead Composite Shielding Lead composite shielding is a mixture of lead and other lighter weight metals. These lead-based composite blends are a proprietary mixture of lead and other heavy metals that attenuate radiation. The lead-based composite blend radiation shielding garments are lighter (up to 25%) than regular grade lead and are available with the same lead equivalency protection levels.

Non-Lead and Lead-Free Shielding:

Non-Lead and Lead-Free Shielding Non-lead shielding materials are manufactured with additives and binders mixed with attenuating heavy metals that fall into the same category of materials as lead that also absorb or block radiation. Non-lead aprons and lead-free aprons are recyclable and safe for non-hazardous disposal.

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