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The various forms of lead like lead sheets, lead plates, lead bricks, lead containers, lead glass, lead wool that are used for radiation shielding are manufactured by MedirayTM Inc. If you need any radiation shielding products call them at 877.898.3003 for product quotes. For more details mail at or fax at 914-337-4620. Visit our website at


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Forms of Lead for Radiation Shielding:

Forms of Lead for Radiation Shielding

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Due to its high density and high atomic number, lead is the best radiation shielding material and is used in various industries to protect people from unwanted and harmful radiation.

Sheet Lead and Lead Plate:

Sheet Lead and Lead Plate Lead sheets and plates are used for permanent radiation shield installations in medical equipment.

Lead Brick :

Lead Brick Lead bricks are used to build radiation safety rooms with lead lined walls.

Lead Containers:

Lead Containers Lead containers are used to hold radio pharmaceuticals and they come with guaranteed radiation safety features.

Lead Glass :

Lead Glass Lead glass is used in places where transparent shielding is needed.

Lead Wool:

Lead Wool Lead wool is used to fill the cracks in a radiation barrier.

Lead Pipe:

Lead Pipe Lead pipes are used to store radio active liquids.

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Medi-Ray TM is the hall mark of radiation shielding products and can help you with your radiation safety needs. Contact Medi-Ray if you want to know about the quality and price of their radiation shielding products.

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Contact Us: Medi-Ray TM , Inc. Address: 150 Marbledale Road, Tuckahoe, New York, 10707,USA Tel : ​877-898-3003, ​ 914-979-2740 Fax: 914-337-4620 E-Mail:

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