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Want latest urologist jobs opportunities in leading healthcare agencies. If you are interested in this job, register with us to apply. Not the right job? You can still search and wait for hundred more jobs as hundreds of job opportunities from different clients are added every day. For More Info - https://medicopartners.com/pages/urology-jobs.html


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Urology Jobs in UK:

Urology Jobs in UK Medico Partners – A Leading Medical Recruitment Agency


An excellent job opportunity for consultant urologist is available in a reputed Trust hospital on an urgent basis. The interested candidates may apply as soon as possible as the dateline is only a guideline and can be closed if a sufficient number of applicants had applied. The applicant must be on Specialist Register and be fully GMC registered with a license to practice in the UK. Working experience in the NHS and the higher level of grades are preferred though not mandatory. As a consultant working in this position, the working hours will not exceed 48 hours a week and will earn in the range of £76,761 to £103,490 per annum which is according to the NHS standard. U rologist S pecialist J obs !


High pay rates Excellent job opportunity Flexible working condition Annual leaves, medical indemnities Compliance and Revalidation Specialist support Online and practical Training courses U rology J obs B enifits !


Medico Partners is a UK medical consultancy supplying medical locums to both the NHS Trusts and the Private sector hospitals. The agency is driven by the need for more qualified medical professionals in the healthcare sector. We are a network which connects UK clients with locums from both domestic and international covering various field areas, specialties, and grades We are online and have a large database of clients and locums which helps us facilitate easy job recruitment. We are friendly and flexible, and accommodate all changes in the working environment and pay rates. Medico Partners helps, supports and push clients and locums for a better medical service. A bout M edico P artners !


Urology Jobs - https://medicopartners.com/pages/urology-jobs.html Apply Here - https://medicopartners.com/hospitaljobs/urology-jobs-c-29.html Contact Us - https://medicopartners.com/contact-us Address - MedicoPartners CIBA Building 146 Hagley Road Birmingham B16 9NX, West Midlands U seful L inks !

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