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Medical Waste Company providers have additional fees such as fuel and environmental fees. Medical Waste Management charges a flat monthly fee and nothing else. We offer secure medical waste disposal and document shredding services in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Lafayette. We also provide Medical Waste Management, medical waste disposal services, Medical Waste, and Biohazardous Waste disposal Services.


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MEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT Medical Waste Disposal Services and Transform Your Business


OBJECTIVES Define Medical Waste, Regulated Medical Waste and Infectious Waste. Discuss the Regulations Applicable to Medical Waste. Discuss the Components of an Infectious Waste Management Plan.


GOALS Understand the Definition of Medical Waste, Regulated Medical Waste, and Infectious Waste. Understand Why Medical Waste Compliance is Important. Understand the Components of an Infectious Waste Management Plan .


What is Medical waste? Definition of Medical Waste In this course, medical waste includes all infectious waste, hazardous (including low-level radioactive wastes), and any other wastes that are generated from all types of health care institutions, including hospitals, clinics, doctor’s (including dental and veterinary) offices and medical laboratories.


WHAT IS A REGULATED MEDICAL WASTE? Definition of Regulated Medical Waste Regulated Medical Waste is a subset of all medical wastes and include seven distinct categories: Cultures and stocks of infectious agents. Human pathological wastes (e.g. tissues, body parts) Human blood and blood products Sharps (e.g. hypodermic needles and syringes) Certain animal wastes Certain isolation wastes (e.g. wastes from patients with highly communicable diseases) Unused sharps.


WHAT IS AN INFECTIOUS WASTE? Definition of an Infectious Waste EPA has provided the following guidance on what constitutes an infectious waste. These factors include: Presence of a pathogen of sufficient virulence Dose Portal of entry Resistance of host Thus, for a waste to be infectious, it must contain a pathogen with sufficient virulence and quantity so that exposure to the waste by a person or animal could result in an infectious disease.


WHAT IS AN INFECTIOUS WASTE? EPA categorizes infectious wastes into the following seven categories: 1. Isolation wastes – wastes generated by hospitalized patients who are isolated to protect others from communicable diseases. 2. Cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biologicals – this category includes: - Specimens from medical and biological laboratories - Cultures and stocks of infectious agents from clinical, research, and industrial laboratories 3. Human blood and blood products – this includes waste blood, serum, plasma, and blood products.


4. Pathological waste – tissues, organs, body parts, blood, and body fluids. 5. Contaminated sharps – contaminated hypodermic needles, syringes, scalpel blades, Pasteur pipettes, and broken glass. 6. Contaminated animal carcasses, body parts, and animal bedding 7. Miscellaneous Contaminated Wastes – these include: - Wastes from surgery and autopsy - Miscellaneous laboratory wastes - Dialysis unit wastes - Contaminated equipment WHAT IS AN INFECTIOUS WASTE?


INFECTIOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT PLANS Components of an Infectious Waste Management Plan: 1. Designation of the waste that should be managed as infectious 2. Segregation of infectious waste from the noninfectious waste 3. Packaging 4. Storage 5. Treatment 6. Disposal 7. Contingency measures for emergency situations 8. Staff training


DESIGNATION OF AN INFECTIOUS WASTE The infectious waste plan for your facility should specify which wastes are to be managed as infectious wastes. The previous slides in this course can help determine what should be included. A responsible official or committee should determine any other miscellaneous wastes should be handled as an infectious waste.


Southern Medical Waste Service ensures that healthcare organization can maintain a secure and hygienic environment at very cost-effective rates.  In addition to providing waste disposal services, this organization also helps hospitals in complying with the OSHA and other regulatory organization. Healthcare organizations looking to improve their Medical waste management systems can rely on Southern Medical Waste Service and transform their business. THE IMPORTANCE OF A CLEAN ENVIRONMENT


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