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Medical Technology Partners offer Medical Device Reimbursement Consulting in new Medical products and procedures.


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Reimbursement Consulting:

Reimbursement Consulting Understanding the reimbursement system is crucial to maximizing the commercial potential of medical products. The reimbursement system often erects enormous barriers to new product success. In some cases, proper management of the healthcare reimbursement system is the only difference between product success and product failure. Home | About Us | Services | Officers | Links | Contact Us

Strategic Alliances:

Strategic Alliances Medical Technology Partners helps companies understand and work with new reimbursement realities within the health care marketplace by way of reasonable and functional strategies. Home | About Us | Services | Officers | Links | Contact Us

Advancing True Patient Care:

Advancing True Patient Care MTP is committed to excellent customer service, advancing patient care, making timely and accurate recommendations, and reasonable and flexible pricing arrangements. Home | About Us | Services | Officers | Links | Contact Us

Health Economics and Reimbursement :

Health Economics and Reimbursement New technology reimbursement strategy development Tactical reimbursement implementation Health policy tracking through our TruePolicy ™ service Reimbursement Resource Center (hotline) development and support CPT®, HCPCS, and ICD-9-CM code development Qualitative surveys of managed care medical directors, CFOs, and purchasing decision-makers Billing guides and knowledge delivery products Low-cost outcomes studies to support economic and quality-of-life arguments Home | About Us | Services | Officers | Links | Contact Us

Health Information Metrix :

Health Information Metrix Procedure and diagnosis tracking through our TrueData ® reports Payment level reporting through our TruePay ™ reports Longitudinal disease cohort studies Cost-effectiveness analyses Pricing analyses Payer mix and setting of care analyses Value analysis by indication Knowledge management products to support business intelligence Business intelligence for value added benefits Home | About Us | Services | Officers | Links | Contact Us

TruePolicy™ Services :

TruePolicy ™ Services Coding, coverage, and reimbursement guidelines do not remain static. These practices and policies change and evolve due to various factors and influences, such as cost constraints, new technological developments and enhancements, and political stimulus, and they can dramatically affect the sales environment for a company's products and services. Because there is no single data warehouse that concisely and efficiently contains and processes all this information, the challenge is substantial for medical device manufacturers to remain current, informed, and armed with the latest policy intelligence. Through its TruePolicy ™ Services, MTP monitors coding, coverage, and reimbursement policies related to specific technologies or clinical areas and communicates this intelligence via timely and succinct summary updates. Home | About Us | Services | Officers | Links | Contact Us

TrueData® Reports :

TrueData ® Reports Medical Technology Partners offers exclusive TrueData ® reports that combine statistical data from multiple years and sources into one comprehensive package. TrueData ® reports provide payment and utilization information for various care settings -- including physician office, inpatient, outpatient, and emergency departments. Significantly, many of these reports contain trend data over three or more years, providing knowledge that can be used – ultimately – to improve a patient’s quality of life and the administration of insurance programs. Home | About Us | Services | Officers | Links | Contact Us

Hotline Services :

Hotline Services MTP provides expert advice regarding claims submissions, billing codes and problem claims in addition to recommending action plans for appeals and opportunities for intervention. MTP thoroughly performs payer research, including contacting insurance companies to determine a patient's benefits with regard to your company's product. MTP provides billing guides with useful insurance information and sample claim forms, prior authorization packets, and appeals packets. MTP educates insurers, including sending them materials to inform them about your product and its approved uses. MTP is able to provide ongoing data tracking and analysis to assist you with your business development. Home | About Us | Services | Officers | Links | Contact Us

Contact Us :

Contact Us Location Headquarters: 9700 Great Seneca Highway Suite 303 Rockville, MD 20850 Phone: 240.453.0550 Email: Home | About Us | Services | Officers | Links | Contact Us

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