Easy and Affordable Tips for Repairing Window Blinds


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Easy and Affordable Tips for Repairing Window Blinds

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Window blinds are indeed beautiful and wise investments you should have at home. However due to several reasons they may require repairing and maintenance to be able to maximize its use in your homes. Throwing away such a useful and sometime costly investment should not always be the case.

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You might think that you need to bring your window blinds to a professional for repairs. This might be necessary for window blinds with special features like solar and thermal blinds. However you can do the minor ones at home. Thats great news because you dont have to shell a lot of cash for such. The great thing about it is that you can find the materials you need to repair your blinds at home. But like everything else there are proper ways on how you can repair your window blinds.

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Some of the common damages your window blinds may acquire are loose cords chipped slats fallen slats or stained fabric blinds. These small damages can be easily addressed and taken cared of even without hiring a professional. Here are tips you can consider when repairing your window blinds.

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Toothpicks Paperclips Cardboard You might think that these things are not helpful for your blinds. In fact some of you might be raising their brows thinking that this is a joke. But yes these can help you. You can use the above in filling the gap. Put tape on it to ensure that it will be in place. Make sure that the materials you will use are sturdy enough to last long. If you have managed to keep your old blinds you can check them to source out materials that might be useful to fix your current ones. Apply paint or varnish to achieve a coherent look for your blinds after repairing.

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Use Your Puncher Another easy technique to fix your window blinds is to punch a hole on it. Yes youve read that right. In just a matter of seconds youd be able to repair it. Very easy and very safe even your kids can do it for you. Just make sure that the hole is being punched right beside the original one so that the length of your blinds will still be the same.

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Soap water and baking soda Stains in your fabric window coverings can be easily removed with several items you can find at home. You can use baking soda to remove tough stain on your fabric window coverings. Baking soda can practically clean several items in your home without damaging the color of your fabric. Soap and water can also do the trick for some easy to remove stains.

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