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You’re done with your video shoot and here comes the most creative part of video making i.e. Video Editing. Let’s together put an end to boring corporate videos and the make the client’s brand look as live as they are.


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You’re done with your video shoot and here comes the most creative part of video making i.e. Video Editing. At edit table you have maximum scope to develop a beautiful story out of your footage. Here we discuss some really important editing tips that make your videos engaging and effective.

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MUSIC It is the most impactful part of your corporate video. It lays foundation for your whole video. Music shapes the perception of your audience while watching a video. The music doesn’t have to be same throughout the video but change it twice or thrice. Choose the music in accordance to the mood and pace of your video. It also helps to establish your story and set a style to your video.

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MOTION GRAPHICS Motion Graphics makes the corporate video look more dynamic and delivers information in simplest manner. It also helps audience to understand the visuals and makes the video content rich. Figure out the best suitable Motion Graphics in accordance with the mood of your video and make sure it is compatible with the overall theme of the brand.

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AMBIENCE Adding the ambience sound adds realistic touch to your film. Ambient sound recorded on location to match the ambient sound of a scene. Ambience sound boosts up the overall feel of the film. It provides audio continuity between shots and helps establishing the mood. For example: To show a usual working day in office use ambience sound of a telephone ringing writing typing and all that other stuff that you would probably hear on a normal basis.

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INFOGRAPHICS Use of visual illustration is contemporary in corporate film making. These are used for communicating information by means of signs symbols icons maps and diagrams. They very much used to represent complex situations and tell stories. At their best infographics in motion can be informative involving funny and at times surprisingly touching.

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TRANSITIONS In video editing a transition is used when one scene progresses to another. Transition joins two different shots it can be an instant scene or image change a fade fade to black dissolve pan from one person to another or any digital effect.

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COLOR CORRECTION Color plays a dominant role in your corporate film. Color Correction widely known as CC is used to evoke a response and express emotion. It can pass on a profound impact on an audience. The editor makes aesthetic choices that are decided upon in post-production to create the look that contribute to the overall video. Color Correction is also used to resolve any color issues with the footage.

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SEQUENCE This is the most technical part of video editing. A single project can have multiple sequences as per the requirement. One sequence might be used for rough cut and other sequences might be the progressions of rough cut. Different sequences are used within the same project that might have different settings. You select settings for each sequence when you create it but you can change some of these settings after a sequence is created.

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CODEC The term is actually a short form for compressor-decompressor. A codec is a method for encoding or decoding data--specifically compressed data. H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC is the most common codec used in modern camcorders and digital cameras that capture to file based devices hard drives memory cards and so on. H.264 at lower bit rates delivers fairly high-quality video. H.264 will likely become the most common codec used.

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NARRATION Narration helps you to engage your audience at best. It is a message that gives foundation to your visuals. A clear concise well-written narration adds charm to your corporate video. A skillful narrative punctuated by statistics and exciting visuals is a powerful thing.

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SFX One can easily skip the step of adding sound effects to the video. Nobody will even recognize if you have added it but if you do it will give an extra edge to your corporate video. SFX are added to support your visuals. Add sound effects at required places but don’t go overboard. Keep it simple.

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It has always been a challenge to satisfy your corporate clients. However a defined storyline and compelling visuals will help you to win the hearts. Let’s together put an end to boring corporate Videos and the make the client’s brand look as live as they are. Keep Calm Edit Awesome Videos

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