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  Any camera enthusiasts who want full control over their shooting experience should consider various camera accessories on a budget. Purchasing a camera is not the only thing to experience a good photography or video. There are many important accessories that would enhance your experience beyond the level. However, to practice a great shooting experience you should get some really important camera accessories. Here are list of some amazing camera accessories within your budget that surely will help you to get good video & photography experiences.

50mm f/1.8 II Camera Prime Lens:

50mm f/1.8 II Camera Prime Lens It is one of the best accessories which u can buy around 5000 INR; this prime lens has maximum aperture 1.8, which is very useful in low lighting condition. It is also useful to create great shallow depth of field while Photography.


Reflectors The most valuable and inexpensive accessory you should first buy is a reflector. You can use them brilliantly as a fill light. There are situations where putting up artificial light isn’t much profitable, but bounced light from reflector gives desired lighting condition with minimum cost on a sunny day. You may get a reflector between ranges of 800 to 1500 INR.

Lens cleaner kit:

Lens cleaner kit Care about your lens like a baby. Don’t let dust rest upon your lens because obviously you won’t like to see spots on your photos. You will get a lens kit for around 1000 to 2500 INR that will include a blower, a lens pen and a cleaning cloth. The lens pen has two sides, one with a brush to the clean the dust off your lens and the other with a cleaning tip for everything else.


Tripod You can never be wrong while buying a tripod. To avoid shakiness in your videos or blurriness in your photos, opt for a tripod that will support your camera. A tripod has multiple settings that will help you to control your shot. Buy a professional mid range tripod within a budget of 5000 to 10,000 INR. However, you may always spend more to get a heavy duty tripod.

UV Filter:

UV Filter A UV filter on your lens prevents the bluish haze it casts on photos. Professional photographers use this filter as a permanent layer of protection on their lens, because it is always better to clean up the filter than directly touching the lens. You can get a UV filter within 1000 to 2500 INR. Don’t waste anymore time, just go online and click on buy.

Portable LED Lighting:

Portable LED Lighting The biggest hurdle for photographers and videographers arises when there is a low light condition. You definitely have to add an artificial light to get the desired lighting condition for the shoot. There comes LED Light which is also great for filling in shadows and most importantly it is portable with least weight. LED Light can be expensive but it definitely gives an edge over amateurs.


Flashgun It’s a device which is mounted on camera body which is used as an artificial light. If you don’t carrying any lights, Flashguns are very useful for capturing the dark subject.

Remote Shutter Release:

Remote Shutter Release It is very useful accessories which comes around 1000 INR, it’s used in shooting dangerous subjects (like snake, Lion, Tiger etc.), Slow shutter speed photography, Painting with light photography ,Multiple exposure etc. there are two types of releases for cameras: tethered and untethered . Tethered are connected by cable from camera while untethered are connected remotely.

Spare Batteries & Memory Cards:

Spare Batteries & Memory Cards Whenever you are going for an outdoor shoot always remember to carry spare batteries & memory cards along with you. This is to prevent any hindrance in your photographic expedition due to battery discharge or memory spaces. Imagine a situation when you are out for wildlife photography & you run out of camera battery & memory halfway in safari, certainly you would not like to be in such a situation. So always carry a set of spare batteries & memory cards to capture outdoors till the last light.

Screen-Loupe/Hood Loupe:

Screen-Loupe/Hood Loupe If you are going for good composition, then you should always carry a screen-loupe/hood loupe, Because Composition is an important aspect of photography. If you shooting in Day light there is always probability of lens flare so it is also useful there.

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I hope you will find this information useful and you are going to save some money for your favorite accessory. Keep Calm & Capture Awesome Moments !!

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