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Diverticulitis is irritation, contamination, or both of at least one inflatable like sacs Diverticulitis, for the most part, influences the digestive organs. Left lower stomach agony, delicacy, and fever are run of the mill side effects. visit :meddcoheathcare for Affordable Diverticulitis treatment packages At your Nearest Hospital


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www.meddco.com Download App What is the Diverticulitis ✓ Diverticulitis is the inflamed or infected pouches in the lining of the digestive system. They are mostly harmless and can be found anywhere in the intestines. They are severe when the infection is massive and can cause severe pain accompanied by fever. The chances of falling prey to Diverticulitis increases after the age of 40.

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www.meddco.com Download App Symptoms of Diverticulitis: Some of the most common symptoms of Diverticulitis are mentioned below: I. Abdominal pain II. Constipation III. Bloating IV. Diarrhoea V. Irregular bowel habits VI. Constipation VII. Blood in stools Symptoms of Diverticulitis

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www.meddco.com Download App Causes of Diverticulitis Causes of Diverticulitis: Diverticulitis is formed when the pouches develop along the digestive tract and they start to protrude out from the colon. A. Obesity B. Smoking C. Unhealthy lifestyle D. Excessive consumption of fat and red meat. E. Certain drugs and steroids such as naproxen or ibuprofen.

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www.meddco.com Download App Diagnosis of Diverticulitis Diagnosis: Diverticulitis is often diagnosed after a severe abdominal pain when the doctor has carefully ruled out the other causes that may be triggering it. Post that a physical examination of the abdomen and pelvic region is performed. In some cases a blood and urine test may be advised to detect any infection.

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www.meddco.com Download App Treatment of Diverticulitis Treatment: The Diverticulitis treatment is predominantly determined by the symptom and the severity of the condition. Below are some of the common treatments for the disease. I. Uncomplicated Diverticulitis can be treated at home by making some changes in the diet such as incorporating lots of fibre. II. Probiotics often help to prevent or ease of the Diverticulitis symptoms. III.Over the counter medications might be prescribed to reduce pain and swelling.

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