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Heart Transplant Highly treatable with option such as surgery, Artificial Heart Surgery, Search and compare surgical treatment prices, medical treatment prices, etc among various hospitals near your location with just a single click.


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Slide2: Download App   What is the Heart Transplant Surgery ? A heart transplant surgery is conducted to replace a diseased heart of person with a healthy heart of a donor. Heart transplants are done with patients who have a risk of heart failure .

Slide3: Download App Process of Heart Transplant Surgery The doctors refer a heart transplant centre to the patients having the end-stage heart failure. If the patient is eligible for a transplant, he or she is placed on a waiting list for a donor heart. Your condition and to study the survival chances post the heart transplant surgery and accordingly suggest the continuous care needed to live a healthy life.

Slide4: Download App Who Needs to Heart Transplant Surgery Coronary heart diseases Hereditary conditions Viral infections of the heart Damaged heart valves of muscles If there is poor blood circulation in the body Disease occurred in kidney, liver and lung cannot be revered Cancer in the past . Unwillingness to follow a careful lifelong plan

Slide5: Download App What is an Artificial Heart? An Artificial heart is a prosthetic device used to replace the original human heart . The artificial heart need not be connected to the blood circuits . The artificial heart is functional for only a few hours, the current record stands at 17 months.

Slide6: Download App Risk of a Heart Transplant Surgery Failure of the donor’s heart: Sometimes the same reasons that caused heart failure originally may repeat for the donor heart and cause heart failure . Primary Graft Dysfunction: Factors like shock, trauma or narrow blood vessels in the lungs cause the heart failure

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