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In Medcross Imaging CT scans are used to identify the normal and abnormal body structures as well as guide procedures with painless exam


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MedCross Imaging LLC CT Scan www.medcrossimagingllc.com

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CT Scan CT Scan What Happens During CT Scan Preparing for CT Scan Abdominal CT Scan Preparing for an Abdominal CT Scan CT Scan results www.medcrossimagingllc.com

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CT Scan Computed tomography more commonly referred to as CT CT scan or CAT scan uses x-rays and advanced computer technology to generate detailed cross-sectional and if needed three-dimensional views of the body’s internal organs and body structures www.medcrossimagingllc.com

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What happens during CT Scan The CT scanner is a large donut-shaped machine that takes x-rays at different angles around the body. A CT technologist will explain the procedure to the patient and have the patient lie down on a narrow table. www.medcrossimagingllc.com

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Preparing for a CT Scan Patients are asked to notify their healthcare provider if they are pregnant have asthma or allergies to medications contrast dye iodine or shellfish or have certain medical conditions such as diabetes heart disease kidney problems or thyroid conditions. www.medcrossimagingllc.com

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Preparing for a CT Scan Patients are generally asked to not eat or drink anything for at least four hours prior to the exam. If CT oral contrast is ordered drink it according to the directions and time provided for the specific CT exam. www.medcrossimagingllc.com

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Abdominal CT Scan Abdominal CT scans are used to visualize needle placement during biopsies of abdominal organs and tumors or during fluid aspiration from the abdomen. CT is used to monitor tumors and other conditions of the abdomen before and after treatment and to detect diagnose and treat vascular disorders that may lead to stroke gangrene or kidney failure. www.medcrossimagingllc.com

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Preparing for an Abdominal CT Scan Do not eat or drink anything four 4 hours prior to examination. Thirty minutes before exam drink one bottle of oral CT contrast. If intravenous contrast is needed it will be administered at the start of the exam. Patients may experience a warm sensation throughout the body after the contrast injection and a metallic taste in the mouth. www.medcrossimagingllc.com

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CT Scan Results Images from the CT exam are reviewed and interpreted by a MedCross radiologist who will dictate a report which is transcribed and sent to the healthcare provider who ordered the exam. www.medcrossimagingllc.com

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CONTACT US For more information about ‘medcross imaging LLC’ visit us on http://medcrossimagingllc.com/ www.medcrossimagingllc.com

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