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Welcome to Your New Course!:

Welcome to Your New Course! FORTIS COLLEGE ONLINE Patricia Orr, Instructor Phone: 480-217-5617 Phone: 623-251-5673 Email :

Patricia Orr, Instructor:

Patricia Orr, Instructor As your instructor I want to make sure you have a great learning experience in the class, second I want to keep the lines of communications open to all. If at any time you need help, please contact me.


ASSIGNMENTS Please be sure to complete all assignments on time.  Assignments are due by Midnight on Sunday.  If for any reason you cannot make your deadline, you must contact me to request an extension.


DISCUSSION FORUMS First post-worth 30 points- should have at least 7-8 sentences. Include details and stay on topic. Second/third post-worth 15 points each -respond to a classmates post. If you agree/disagree state your reasons why in detail. I will respond to each student’s initial post. Check forum often. ** all discussion responses may not be graded on the same day**


INSTRUCTOR CONTACT All students who do not complete required coursework on time, will be contacted  via telephone and email. If you haven’t already, please be sure your contact information is accurate as this is my only way of reaching you.

What happens next?:

What happens next? Students who are not responsive to my emails or phone messages will be referred to your Student Success Coordinator . To avoid this, please be sure to check your emails regularly especially if you are missing assignments.

How points are deducted:

How points are deducted Spell check is available in your word-processing program. Points are deducted for spelling errors , so please be careful. Also Writing assignments should be typed in 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced. Be sure you meet the minimum word count or page length requirement for writing assignments. For example if the essay requires 2 pages please be sure you submit a two page essay.

Live Faculty Support:

Live Faculty Support Live Faculty Support are also an important part of your learning experience; please take advantage of this opportunity to interact with your classmates and instructor. Click on the Live Faculty Support tab on your course home page. Specific hours are posted in the news forum under the Live Faculty Support posting.


NEWS FORUM Remember to check your News Forum tab often, if there’s information I want to share with you regarding current articles or other useful resources, I will post it there. You can also find helpful information regarding each assignment for the course.


WELCOME TO CLASS!! Patricia Orr, Instructor Phone: 480-217-5617 Phone: 623-251-5673 Email:

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