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Project Report On “Working Process” Conducted At The Kaithal Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd., Kaithal:

Project Report On “Working Process” Conducted At The Kaithal Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd., Kaithal submitted by: Rahul sharma Roll no. 1709599 Mech.3 rd year




RAW MATERIAL USED:- SUGAR CANE There are various kinds of sugar cane in india is to be produced like 64,73, 92,118, 130. The quality of no. 64 of cane is best from all of these varieties, because it contains highest sugar constraints, it has good recovery of juice.


CLASSIFICATION OF WORK:- Whole of the industry is divided into different houses:- Mill house Power house Boiler Turbine Quard house Pen house Centrifugal house

Cane unloader:-:

Cane unloader:- There are two type of cane unloader Machanical type cane unloader Hydraulic type cane unloader




The function of cane UnLoader is to pick up the cane from the tractor and steered into the cane carrier chain. Its capacity is 5 tones, long travel speed 15m/min. By the means of electric motors. HYDRAULIC CANE UNLODER:-

Cane carrier:-:

Cane carrier:-

Cane carrier:- :

Cane carrier:- The function of this chain is to carry the cane which are dropped by the unloader. Its horizontal length is 32.119 meter. And split type width 1700 mm, feeding depth 1600 mm Its total length is 51.410 meter. It is driven by electric motor HP 50, RPM 1440.


CANE LEVELLER:- the function of cane leveler is to sure smooth running of all cane from cane unloader because the cane dropped by the unloader are not to be in proper manner. No. of blades 32 Motor driven HP 250 RPM 589 clearance 180 mm between carrier and blades.

Cane cutter :

Cane cutter Its function is to make small pieces of sugar cane by the means of knives which are dragged on the roller. No. of blades 36. Motor driven HP250 Material for the blades is mildsteel

Cane fibrizor:-:

Cane fibrizor:- It used to make the fibre of all small pieces of canes which are forwarded by cutter. it has 64 hammer of stainless steel having cast steel body. They are in the rectangular shape. This is also driven by electric motor.

Mill house :-:

Mill house :- The function of mill house is to drawn the juice from the fibre of the cane received by the cane carrier chain. There are 4 mill in the plant. 1 st mill’s job is to drawn the juice approx. 70% juice are drawn here with the help of 4 roller. Their name are: Top Feed Discharge Unfeed These 4 rollers are driven by steam turbine with the help of primary gear, secondary and the transmission gear.

Boiler :- :

Boiler :- The function of boiler is to give the heat to water and then converted into steam. Two no. of bent type bagasse fixed boiler water tube boiler. Working pressure 32kg/cm cube Heating surface Each boiler steam generating capacity – 32 tones per hour Efficiency of boiler - 80-85%

Steam Turbine :-:

Steam Turbine :- The function of turbine is to convert the energy of steam in mechanical energy One no. 2500 kw rating multi-stage turbine. Steam inlet pressure-32 kg/cm cube Steam exhaust pressure-1 kg/cm cube Reduction gear speed- 8325/1500 rpm

Mixed Juice Tank :-:

Mixed Juice Tank :- In this tank,juice from all the tank of mills house Is collected in a big tank is called ‘mixed juice tank’ through the pumps. Juice is measured & weighted by automatic boulogne type juice weighing scale of 60 tonnes capacity.

Juice Heater:

Juice Heater From the mixed juice tank,juice is heated in juice heater by the means of exhaust steam. One stainless steel plate type heat exchanger of 100 sq.m heating surface for clear juice heating having a by pass arrangement. 5 high velocity vertical juice heater of 170 sq.m heating surface each working with exhaust and vapour all five no. are interchangable and are used for raw and sulphiated juice heating. Temp. of juice is 70⁰c. Stainless-steel tube outer dia. 45mmx42mmx4000mm No. of tube 320

Juice Sulphination Tank :-:

Juice Sulphination Tank :- After heating the raw juice,it pumped to sulphitation tank. Here juice is mixed with soda-lime and the sulphar gas is passed through the juice all these things are rotated in a tank with the help of motor at the top of the tank.

Juice Heater for 2nd heating :-:

Juice Heater for 2 nd heating :- From the sulphitor tank,juice is pumped to the heater, this heating is called 2 nd heating of juice. Here temp. of juice is approx. 102⁰c. They have stainless-steel tube.

Clarifier :- :

Clarifier :- From the juice heater,juice is pumped to the clarifier,here juice is keep stationary for a sufficent time,so that impurity are setteled down in the bottom. Impurity + some juice is taken out from the tank and pumped to the vacum filter. Clear juice is pumped again to clear juice heater and here temp. of juice is 116⁰c.

Vaccum Filter :-:

Vaccum Filter :- Muddy juice with the help of pump is reached to the vacum filter in this vacum is created by the pumps. The mud is stick to the screen and the clear juice is passed through the small pipe and finally mixed in juice tank. 2 rotatry vacum filter Dia. 2.44m Long 4.88m Filtering area 36 sq. m, stainless-steel screen.

Evaporators and Boiling plants :- Semi Kesner :-:

Evaporators and Boiling plants :- Semi Kesner :- After heating the clear juice in heater,juice is pumped to the semi is double-effect pre-evaporator. The function of semi kesner is to heat the juice for less than 2 min. It has two chamber For juice For vapour Heating surface area 800 sq.m. Length of tube is 45mm×42mmx4655mm. No. of tube 1302.


VAPOUR CELL From the semi kesner, juice is pumped to the vapour cell. Here juice is heated up to 2 minutes. Heating surface 950 sq.m Tube length 2000 mm Diameter 45mm x 42mm No. of tubes 3580 Material stainless steel

Syrup Sulphitor tank :-:

Syrup Sulphitor tank :- From all the vapour cell Body, the juice is become like syrup. The syrup is treated with sulphurs gas in the tank. one syrup sulphiter tank ID of shell 2100 mm

PAN STATION Vaccum Pan :-:

PAN STATION Vaccum Pan :- From storage tank, syrup is pumped to the vacum pan to convert them in solid form. No. of vacum pan: 5 Capacity of vacum pan: 60 tones each Heating surface : 300 sq m Tube length : 900mm No. of tube : 1094 Syrup change in solid form and it checked time to time by a long checking key provided min tank.

Crystallisor :-:

Crystallisor :- From the pan, the crystal formed goes to the crystallizer , In crystallizer the solid form is converted into small parts and after crystallisor the sugar get pack.



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