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MONOPOLI: GEOLOGY IN THE MIDDLE AGE Monopoli is a town in the South-East of Puglia, in Italy.


GEOLOGY In the Middle Age there were lime lands and rocks of Mesozoic era. The territory is the same now.


LITHOLOGY The subsoil was full of porous stone, but in the hilly area and in the 99 districts of Monopoli, there was calcareous material. It was used for building rural houses, called “trulli”.


HIDROGRAPHY There were often copious rains which formed dips in the land called “lame”. Some creeks, called “mene”, derived from these dips .


SURROUNDING WALLS The sorrounding walls had a difensive function for Monopoli. They defended the town by frequent assaults. It was composed by 43 towers, which were along the Adriatic pugliese coast. The walls had some guns. These guns defended the town by pirates and Turkish. There were three entrances: “Porta Nuova”, which is near “Largo Plebiscito”, “Porta Vecchia” and “Porta Castri”, near “Largo Vescovado”.


RURAL CHURCHES In Monopoli there were a lot of rural churches, near which there were some caves. Nowadays we can visit real “rupestrian villages”, like SS. Andrea e Procopio village. For these churches the town was called “City of Burrows”.


CRYPTS The most important medieval crypts in Monopoli are: S.Maria del Soccorso’s church, Spirito Santo’s crypt, the crypt near De Martino’s villa, SS. Andrea e Procopio’s crypt, the crypt in Zaccaria’s farm, the crypt in Lamalunga’s farm, S.Giovanni di Staveta’s crypt, the church–cave of Santa Cecilia, the church of S.Matteo dell’Arena, the anonymous church of Iacovella’s farm and the anonymous crypt of Cristo delle zolle. Most of these crypts were built between XII - XIII century. Now we are going to explain where they are located...

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The anonymous CRYPT OF CRISTO DELLE ZOLLE is dug in the “lama Don Angelo”. S.GIOVANNI DI STAVETA’S CHURCH is located near Manghisi supermarket.

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The CHURCH–CAVE OF SANTA CECILIA is set near the Capitanio’s vivarium. Near “Largo Portavecchia” there is the CHURCH OF S. MATTEO DELL’ARENA. The church has three apses. There are a lot of frescos like the Crucified Christ, the Madonna with the Child and the Recruitment of the Virgin.

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The CRYPT OF ZACCARIA’S FARM is located at the 3rd km in the south-east of Monopoli. The CRYPT OF LAMALUNGA’S is located in one of the 99 districts of Monopoli, called “Lamalunga”.

SPIRITO SANTO’S CRYPT is located in the South-West of the city, near the cemetery. There are three naves with some columns. Every column has a different capital. They form a pseudo-cruise ceiling.

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