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Donald L. Bowles A tribute to a life devoted to family and university… September 16, 2001 University of Akron

Slide 3:

Part I Youth 1931 to 1950

Slide 4:

Playing in a pumpkin patch, c. 1933 Steubenville, Ohio

Slide 5:

Anne Bowles, Downtown Akron 1930s Arthur Bowles, in front of their house at 653 West Market Street, 1930s Don’s parents

Slide 6:

c. 1935, Wheeling, West Virginia

Slide 7:

Age 4

Slide 8:

Boy Scout

Slide 9:

Raton, New Mexico, age 16

Slide 10:

Scout badges Pictures from Camp Philmont, 1947

Slide 12:

Don in military school uniform

Slide 13:

Cross Country Team, Georgia Military Academy

Slide 14:

Senior in High School

Slide 15:

Summer living at Cedar Point, 1950

Slide 16:

Part II Service and the West 1951 to 1959

Slide 17:

Tyndell Air Force Base, Roswell, New Mexico, 1951

Slide 18:

Observing his troops

Slide 19:

Preparing for leave

Slide 20:

Sitting on a rock in Roswell, on his birthday, age 21 Sangre de Cristo mountain range

Slide 22:

Air strip in Guam

Slide 23:

Preparing for Korea

Slide 24:

Medals upon discharge, 1955 National Defense Efficiency, Honor, Fidelity Staff Sergeant’s stripes

Slide 25:

Private Detective ID Card

Slide 26:

Camping with the Woloch brothers John Don Dave

Slide 27:

1958 camping trip in the army ambulance with John Woloch

Slide 28:

Part III Family and University 1959 to 1989

Slide 29:

University of Akron’s Purchasing Agent, 1959

Slide 30:

Last major western trip in 1960 with Tom Sumner and “Eagle” the packhorse

Slide 31:

Wedding day, 6 July 1963, to Joan Putman

Slide 32:

Enjoying a honeymoon in Florida

Slide 33:

Conestoga advertisement

Slide 34:

Sample of Conestoga game board

Slide 35:

Sample of Privateer game board, 1965

Slide 36:

Mark Donald Bowles is born, 13 July 1966

Slide 37:

Descending the staircase in Buchtel Hall

Slide 38:

Assistant Vice President for Planning. Dr. Ian MacGregor (left)

Slide 39:

Iran Campus Plan

Slide 40:

Visiting Iran, 1978 Future campus site

Slide 41:

President Dr. D.J. Guzzetta giving Don his 20 year service award, 1979

Slide 42:

Vice President for Administrative Services

Slide 43:

Presentation with Dr. Muse

Slide 45:

Muse’s Marauders

Slide 46:

Double-play combination. Don at shortstop, with Muse at second base

Slide 47:

New polymer science construction with Vince Altier

Slide 48:

Frank Kelley Vince Altier Rosemary Kolton Don The First Associate Dean of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering Rudy Scavuzzo

Slide 49:

Don with Dr. and Mrs. Frank Kelley

Slide 50:

Retirement from the University in 1990

Slide 51:

Part IV Retirement 1990 to 2001

Slide 52:

Don’s son, Mark, marries Nancy Stewart, 2 June 1990

Slide 53:

At the reception, University of Akron’s Martin Center

Slide 54:

A leaf picked by Don from his favorite tree

Slide 55:

Arizona, 1993

Slide 56:

Don and Mark at the Korean War Memorial, 1995

Slide 58:

Don, with Mark getting his Ph.D., 1999

Slide 59:

Don’s only grandchild, Isabelle, born 27 July 2000

Slide 60:

Don and Isabelle, 2001

Slide 61:

With his family, 2001

Slide 63:

In memory… Donald L. Bowles 1931-2001

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