Concept Maps in Language Arts

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Concepts Maps: 

Concepts Maps … in the Language Arts classroom. Molly Warner John Griffin Middle School

Concept Maps… in the Language Arts Classroom?: 

Concept Maps… in the Language Arts Classroom? As a new teacher, I have found several different ways I can use concept mapping within my reading and writing classes. These ideas seem to encourage student participation and hold each student accountable for their work process and completion.

Summarizing Lectures: 

Summarizing Lectures To prepare my 7th grade students for high school and college, I would have them use a concept map to take lecture notes given on a particular day in the computer lab. This could easily be done with the “Rules of the Computer Lab” or “Ways to use ‘Study Island’” just to give students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with concept mapping.

How about Reviewing for an Exam?: 

How about Reviewing for an Exam?

In the Reading Classroom…: 

In the Reading Classroom…

Reading Comprehension…: 

Reading Comprehension… Mapping can easily check students’ reading comprehension skills. A great idea would be to have children construct a cmap at the beginning of the year on a particular selection. This could be used to judge what needs to be taught “early-on” in the year to make sure the children have a strong reading foundation.

In the Reading Classroom…: 

In the Reading Classroom… Cmaps can be easily used when the students are asked to “Summarize” an article or reading selection.


Summarizing Students may use mapping to summarize an article or chapter in a book with the following ways: -Read the introduction and conclusion of the article, skim it, mapping sub-headings, graphs, and diagrams. -Read the article in “one sitting” and “chunk” the information. -Have students map out everything they read… the more details they are able to include in their map, more evidence of reading comprehension mastery.



In the “Writing” Classroom…: 

In the “Writing” Classroom…

In the Writing Classroom…: 

In the Writing Classroom… Brainstorming Ideas for Essays Vocabulary Break-down Creative Writing Sentence Structure and Grammar Enhancement


Brainstorming 7th graders are assessed each year on their ability to construct a well-written evaluative or problem/solution writing paper. The only key to being able to organize a paper in 75 minutes is brainstorming. Through Cmaps students can visualize different solutions and viewpoints all within one sheet.

Brainstorming Example of a Cmap used before Writing a Speech… : 

Brainstorming Example of a Cmap used before Writing a Speech…

Vocabulary Break-down: 

Vocabulary Break-down Students would use Cmaps to break down words in order to figure out their meanings: listing anonyms, synonyms, root meanings, references, prefix and suffix meanings, etc.

Vocabulary Map Example: 

Vocabulary Map Example

Creative Writing: 

Creative Writing In “Writing the Natural Way,” Gabriele Rico claims that mapping out ideas through cmaps can stimulate creative writing ideas for individuals. What better way to get children motivated and excited about their own topic.

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