Characteristics of Mystical States

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Characteristics of Mystical States : 

Characteristics of Mystical States From F. C. Happold’s Mysticism: A Study and Anthology

1. Ineffable : 

1. Ineffable defies expression can’t be put into words or fully communicated in language state of feeling

2. Noetic : 

2. Noetic state of knowledge authoritative insight into depth of truth powerful sense of certainty and clarity

3. Transient : 

3. Transient short in duration speedy return to “normal” consciousness

4. Passive : 

4. Passive Open, receiving Not “controlling” experience Taken by the truth

5. Unitive : 

5. Unitive Conscious of the oneness of everything Unified vision In theistic mysticism, God is in everything and everything is in God No division, no duality; all opposites are united.

6. Sense of Timelessness : 

6. Sense of Timelessness Not bound by “clock time” Sense that “all is always now.”

7. Personality is not the real “I.’ : 

7. Personality is not the real “I.’ The “ego” is not the True Self True Self is not bound by the body, time, or space The True Self -- the spark of the soul -- also contains a universal quality The True Self, the Greater Self, is divine.

The Mystic’s Universe4 Interrelated Visions : 

The Mystic’s Universe4 Interrelated Visions 1. The Vision of Oneness 2. The Vision of Timelessness 3. The Vision of a self other than the physical self 4. The Vision of a Love enfolding everything that exists.

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