1 Corinthians

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1 Corinthians:Introduction : 

1 Corinthians:Introduction New Testament Moreau Catholic High School Mr. Evans

Overview : 

Overview Relationship with Corinth Corinth Christian Community

Relationship with Corinth : 

Relationship with Corinth Contact lasted nearly a decade More correspondence with Corinth than any other city Possibly 7 letters

The City of Corinth : 

The City of Corinth Mainland Greece (Achaia) Connected to the Peloponnesus peninsula by a narrow isthmus Aegean sea to the east, Ionian to the west

Location : 

Location Astride two important ports Land route from North-south

History: Corinth : 

History: Corinth “The city of light” Cicero Four thousand years old at this time According to Greek poet Crinagoras: Scoundrels

Population : 

Population Greek Roman Colony Poor immigrants from Italy Freed slaves: Greeks Syrians Jews Egyptians

City’s Reputation (Slander) : 

City’s Reputation (Slander) Sexual license City’s name employed in the words Whore mongering Prostitution Fornication

Aphrodite (Venus) : 

Aphrodite (Venus) Reputation: 2000 priestesses In actuality, only two small temples

The Christian Community at Corinth : 

The Christian Community at Corinth Disturbed Many Problems Possibly the reason for so much correspondence

The Community Population : 

The Community Population Multiethnic Crosscultural

Issues at Corinth : 

Issues at Corinth Rival “theologians” Factions Problematic sexual practices Marital obligations Liturgy Church Roles

Examine in Groups : 

Examine in Groups

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