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Letters and Epistles : 

Letters and Epistles Introduction to Pauline Letters

Letters in NT : 

Letters in NT 21 of 27 books are Letters or Epistles 14 authored by Paul Named for recipients: Romans, Galatians, Philemon Longer in length than Ancient Letters of that time Thousands of manuscripts found in Egypt: Short in Length

Signed, Sealed, Delivered : 

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Manner of writing Next year delivery Many times dictated Romans 16:22: “I Tertius, the writer of this letter, greet you in the lord” Paul add notes after dictating, sometimes corrects errors. Difficult to send letters NO POSTAL SERVICE! Ex: St. Augustine sent a letter to Jerome in Bethlehem. Jerome received it 9 YEARS LATER! LAND, SEASONS, BANDITS… OH MY!

Letter vs. Epistle : 

Letter vs. Epistle Letters for a certain individual or group of people Deal with the moment Epistle more sophisticated: Public and Permanent “…were written in order to deal with urgent difficulties experienced by the recipients, such as persecution, heresy, and religious or moral laxity.”


DEAL WITH IT! “The letters in the New Testament are real letters, and the issues they deal with belong to the particular period in the history of the church.”

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