Greetings, goodbyes and polite expressions

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Learn how to say hello


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Unit 1 English 1 María del Carmen Gutiérrez Terán:

Unit 1 English 1 María del Carmen Gutiérrez Terán Introductions, greetings, goodbyes and polite expressions.


Introductions My name is …… I´m…… I come from….. I´m from …… What´s your name …..? Where are you from …..?


Greetings Hello How are you doing? Hi (informal) Good morning Good afternoon Good evening How are you? (formal) How´s it hanging? What´s up?


Goodbyes Good night Goodbye Bye (informal) See you (informal) See you later (informal) See you soon . See you then . Take care .

Polite expressions:

Polite expressions What´s the meaning of …..? I don´t understand (much English) Could you speak more slowly, please? Could you repeat that, please? Speak more slowly, please. Repeat that, please. Fine, thanks. I´m fine, thanks. I´m well, thanks. I´m sorry.

Polite expressions:

Polite expressions It´s ok. Thank you very much. Thanks a lot. Thanks you. Thanks (informal) You´re welcome. Don´t worry about it. Don´t mention it.


Remember Good morning (anytime between getting up and 12:pm) Good afternoon (from 12:00 to 5 or 6 pm) Good evening ( from 5 or 6:00 pm to 9 p.m) Good night (anytime after 9 pm to say good bye or go to bed )


Dialogue Read the conversation and practice it in pairs . Use the new vocabulary . A: Hello , how are you ? B: Fine thanks and you ? A: Great, thanks . B: See you later . A: Bye !

Speaking activity.:

Speaking activity. Talk in pairs. Practice greetings and saying goodbye in the following situations.

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