Preparing for the FIRST LEGO League Rhode Island Championship

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Rhode Island Championship:

Rhode Island Championship January 14, 2012 Recreation Center Roger Williams University 1 Old Ferry Road, Bristol, RI 02809

Core Values:

Core Values We are a team. We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors. We honor the spirit of friendly competition. What we discover is more important than what we win. We share our experiences with others. We display Gracious Professionalism in everything we do. We have fun.

Emergency Policies:

Emergency Policies Weather Emergency We do not have a “snow date” for the FLL. FLL will be at RWU on 1/14/12, unless the Governor shuts down the state for an emergency. If the roads are dangerous in your part of the world, use your discretion protecting the safety of your team and their families is more important than competing in a tournament

Emergency Policies:

Health and Public Safety Coaches must have a list of emergency contacts for their team. There is a FIRST AID kit at the Information table in the pit and the Information table in the hallway near the Hawk’s Nest. The nearest medical facilities: Barrington Urgent Care, 310 Maple Ave, #101, Barrington, RI 401-298-0011 (10 minutes from RWU) Hasbro Children’s/RI Hospital, 593 Eddy St. Providence 401-444-4000 (20 minutes from RWU) EMT from RWU Dept. of Public Safety 401-254-3611 Report accidents or injuries to Mary or Rebekah. If you can’t find us ASAP, report to Gina Valdes, Volunteer Coordinator; Mary Lurgio, Pit supervisor; or Paige Pennypacker, Gym supervisor. Emergency Policies

PowerPoint Presentation:

Almost 200 volunteer judges, referees and event staff from local businesses, colleges & universities help FLL run smoothly. Please say THANK YOU to them! This is our host, Dr. Matthew Stein, a Robotics professor at RWU. He can assist with last-minute problems.

When Packing, Bring your . . . :

When Packing, Bring your . . . Team List of parent cell phone numbers & emergency contacts for your team Robot, attachments & spare batteries Computer and USB cable Printed copies of your robot’s programs 3 copies of the team information sheet if you didn’t submit it in advance. Power Strip and Extension Cord Food (or money to buy food at the RWU’s Hawk’s Nest or cafeteria) Team Banner or Mascot for Opening Ceremonies (optional) FLL RI Badges After 9 AM only those wearing an FLL RI badge get into the pit! You need to make badge for the coach, mentor, team, and any helpers PLEASE, do not give EVERY parent a badge! Sense of humor and a SMILE!

FLL is loud, bright & crowded:

FLL is loud, bright & crowded FLL RI = almost 500 elementary & middle school kids Over 1000 spectators & teams in the gym for robot game Music in the gym from 11 AM - 4 PM Ear plugs, ear muffs, caps, sunglasses help MP3 and buds also help Remove ear plugs, muffs & buds while in judging sessions FLL RI is NOT responsible for LOST valuables! NEW Quiet Space in hall by loading dock Be Gracious: Don’t run around or talk loudly in the Quiet Space

Arriving at RWU:

Arriving at RWU The FLL Championship is in the Recreation Center. Do not leave your car parked in front of or behind the Rec Center—it will be towed.

Arrival & Setting Up:

Arrival & Setting Up This is the Rec Center Atrium. Do NOT gather here in the morning. Report directly to the Field House down the hall—the FLL PIT. Coaches—check in at the Pit Registration table. Teams and Parents—go directly to the pit and find the table with your team number on it.

The Pit—Where Teams Keep Their Stuff!:

The Pit—Where Teams Keep Their Stuff! The PIT is in the Rec Center’s Field House. Your team will have TWO chairs and ONE conference table for your robot, computer and other gear. FLL RI provides practice game tables on the floor so teams can work on their robots between rounds After 9 AM, you must be wearing a FLL RI badge to enter the Pit. RWU does NOT ALLOW eating in the Field House. Please eat in the Rec Center’s Hawk Nest, Hallway, or in the cafeteria next door in the Commons. If we see teams eating in the pit, we will tell them to go outside in the hall!

The Gym:

The Gym The Robot Game is held in the Gym Up the stairs from the Pit (in the Field House) Teams are scheduled for 15 minutes of practice on the tournament tables in the AM Otherwise, the robot game tables are off-limits to teams unless it’s your match RWU does not allow food in the gym The Gym is open to the Public

PowerPoint Presentation:

#1 in the conference room down the hall from the gym #2 in the aerobics rooms below the gym #3 and #4 in the field house locker rooms Up the stairs by the atrium #5 and #6 are in the Commons Building across the street from the Rec Center Judging Rooms

Schedule of Events:

Schedule of Events 7:00 AM Coach Sign-In @ the Check-in Table in the Pit Area 7:00-7:45 Teams set up in the Pit Area 7:45 Red teams line up for judging 8:00-8:55 Red teams in Judging Coaches Meeting—at Competition Tables in Gym 8:45 Blue teams line up for judging 9:00-10:00 Blue teams in Judging 8:15-10:45 Scheduled Robot Game Practice for FLL teams in Gym 9:45 Green teams line up for judging 10:00-11:00 Green teams in judging 11:00 Teams line up in Staging area for Opening Ceremonies 11:15 Opening Ceremonies & Team Parade 12:15 PM -1:15 Competition Starts – Round 1 1:15-1:45 PM Judging Call Backs, if necessary 1:45-2:55 Round 2 Teams report to Team Photo area after their match. 3:00-4:05 Round 3 4:15-5:15 Closing Ceremonies 5:15-7:00 Clean Up/Load Out

Your TEAM’S Schedule:

Your TEAM’S Schedule Is emailed to you the week before the tournament Check the packet you received at the Coach’s table in the pit for last minute changes Review the schedule and find time to: take your team OUTSIDE to play and relax Take a break for snacks and/or lunch Find a time to eat that fits your team’s schedule Cafeterias VERY busy between robot game rounds 1 and 2 To avoid lines, delegate! Send parents to buy food for team DO NOT EAT IN THE PIT or GYM —eat in Commons, Hawk’s Nest or Hallway

Other Fun . . . (for teams, families & guests):

Other Fun . . . (for teams, families & guests) Check out the FIRST High School Robotics Programs Thanks to Erin Flynn & Mount Hope High School for the FTC demo Thanks to Wheeler School for the FRC demo Proceeds from these sales support FIRST LEGO League Rhode Island: FLL RI has cool Food Factor t-shirts for sale Raffle Tickets are $1 each or $5 for 6 tickets Win a LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT or a Kindle generously donated by FLL team 55, Mindstorms Mayhem from All Saints’ Academy!

Elements of a Tournament:

Elements of a Tournament

PowerPoint Presentation:

Teams meet with judges for 1 hour of judging between 8 AM and 11 AM 15 minutes in Project, Robot & Core Values with a 15 minute break. Line up in the field house staging area 15 minutes prior to your first judging session Do NOT report to the judging rooms on your own The Event Staff will walk the teams from the staging area to the judging rooms 6 sets of Judging Rooms 1-4 in Rec Center 5 & 6 in the Commons Bldg next door In Judging Rooms 5 or 6? Wear a coat! Coaches do NOT attend judging sessions . Teams should expect to “Hurry Up and Wait” Tips for Judging

PowerPoint Presentation:

Bring materials for ALL of your judging sessions when you line up: 3 copies of your Team Introduction Sheet If you submitted these by 1/5/12, skip this Robot Robot, Attachments Printed Copy of Code Robot Journal (if you made one) Project Materials If using Powerpoint, bring your own laptop Powerpoint is a tool for live presentations. 100% Pre-recorded presentations are not allowed If doing a skit, bring your props/costumes Documentation (journal and/or bibliography) More Tips for Judging

Materials Rule:

Quantity Electrical Item What It Looks Like 1 NXT Controller 6 Non-rotation Sensors (Touch, Light, Color or Ultrasonic) 1 Lamp 3 Motors 3-Number of NXT Motors Rotation Sensors 6 OR 1 AA Batteries OR Rechargeable Battery Pack Materials Rule Allowable NXT Electrical Parts

Materials Rule:

Quantity Electrical Item What It Looks Like 1 RCX Controller 8 Sensors (Touch, Light, Rotation) 1 Lamp 3 Motors 6 AA Batteries Materials Rule Allowable RCX Electrical Parts

PowerPoint Presentation:

How are Core Values Judged? Teams participate in a 5 minute team building exercise Chance for judges to observe team in action Teams are not expected to FINISH the challenge. Judges want to see how they collaborate, allocate time, and share resources Judges will ask questions for 5 minutes Judges, Referees and Event Staff observe teams in the pit and during the robot game. They will take note of EXCELLENT or EXTREMELY POOR core values.

Also in the Morning . . .:

Also in the Morning . . . Your team is scheduled for 15 minutes to practice on an official game table in the gym The tables are checked for accuracy but are not perfect 2x4 may have knots; mats may be wavy— If you think the missions were built incorrectly, tell the head ref DO NOT “fix” field kits on your own. Other than their tournament matches, this is the ONLY time the team will have access to these tables Please stay on schedule and leave all the mission models on the table when you’re finished.

New Awards Structure for Food Factor:

New Awards Structure for Food Factor 1 st Place Champions 2 nd Place Champions Team was strong in judged portions (Robot, CV, and Project) Robot Game Score must be in the top 40% of the field 1 st Place Inspiration 1 st Place Teamwork 1 st Place Gracious Professionalism 1 st Place Research 1 st Place Innovative Solution 1 st Place Presentation 1 st place Robot Performance (highest score) 2 nd Place Robot Performance (2 nd highest score) 1 st Place Mechanical Design 1 st Place Programming 1 st Place Strategy & Innovation

Opening Ceremonies Begin with the Team Parade:

Opening Ceremonies Begin with the Team Parade Teams lined up in the pit 10 minutes before the ceremonies begin. Teams are encouraged to bring a banner or mascot!

During Opening Ceremonies . . . :

During Opening Ceremonies . . . •Stand and remove hats during the Star Spangled Banner • When our local dignitaries and hosts are welcomed, and when they are finished speaking, show your appreciation by applauding and cheering LOUDLY!

The Robot Game:

The Robot Game The Robot Game starts immediately after the Opening Ceremonies Teams compete in 3 rounds. Teams have 2.5 minutes to score points by completing missions.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Only 2 robot handlers at the table at a time. The rest of the team is seated behind the board. During your Robot Game Matches

When the Buzzer Sounds . . . :

When the Buzzer Sounds . . . Don’t touch anything until the Ref scores the table 2 team members score your match with the Ref. 1 team member signs the score sheet Once the Score Sheet is signed, the score is final ! There is no further appeals process, even if your team correctly identifies a scoring error after the fact! Leave the Food Factor mission pieces Check your robot to make sure!

After Round 2:

After Round 2 Have your team photo taken in the gym before you go back to the pit

Closing Ceremony:

Closing Ceremony Teams parade in, receiving a High 5 and FLL medal from the refs and judges Teams are seated in the bleachers—team members sit together Teams who win awards dash to the awards table to pick up their trophy!

After Closing Ceremonies:

After Closing Ceremonies Finish packing up your pit space Please help clean up the Rec Center Tables and chairs stacked at loading dock Cables coiled and tape removed Signage removed Robot Game kits inventoried, boxed and returned to Field Kit Table in the pit if you built an extra field kit, you can pick it at the field kit table Please sign it out! Game tables (2x4 w/ luan/plywood) stacked by the loading dock

PowerPoint Presentation:

The FIRST LEGO League in RI has attracted almost 200 volunteer judges, referees and event staff from local businesses, colleges & universities. Please say THANK YOU to them!

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