3-The War Begins (Nick)

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It is time to elect a world leader and your vote counts. Here are the 3 candidates! Let's Vote!

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Candidate #1 Associates with crooked politicians Consults with astrologists Had 2 mistresses Chain smokes Drinks 8-10 martinis a day

Slide 3: 

Candidate #2 Sleeps until noon Kicked out of office twice Drinks a quart of whiskey every morning Used opium in college

Slide 4: 

Candidate #3 Never has had an extramarital affair Decorated war hero Vegetarian Doesn’t smoke Drinks an occasional beer

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In your journal, write down who you will vote for & explain why. Candidate 1: FDR Candidate 2: = Winston Churchill Candidate 3:Adolf Hitler

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You do not need to take notes quite yet… Just Review Mr. McDermott’sAmerican History class Obj: Learn about WWII

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Hitler & Mussolini form alliance The Axis Powers Eventually Japan joins them

Slide 8: 

Carving It Up!

Slide 9: 

Both support Francisco Franco in Spain (1936) Spanish Civil War?

Slide 10: 

Mar ‘38- Hitler Annexes Austria

Slide 11: 

(Sept. ‘38) Troops into Sudetenland (Czech)

Slide 12: 

Munich Pact Sept. ‘38 Chamberlain & Daladier do NOT oppose Hitler’s move into the Sudetenland

Slide 13: 

“No more territorial gains in Europe”

Slide 14: 

Chamberlain & Daladier don’t want war Policy of compromising or giving in to demands of a hostile nation Appeasement

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OK – notes start now

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What would this prevent? Aug. ‘39- Germany & USSR sign a non-aggression pact

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Germany & USSR agree to divide Poland

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OK, Ready?

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What about Germany & the USSR? Sign a non-aggression pact in 1939

Slide 21: 

What event marks the start of WWII in Europe?

Slide 22: 

Sept. 1, 1939: Germany invades Poland (write this!) GB & France declare war on Germany

Slide 23: 

The War Begins

Slide 24: 

USSR ‘40: Soviets take Eastern Poland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia

Slide 25: 

Takes Denmark in 1 day & Norway in 2

Slide 26: 

How so fast?

Slide 27: 

Netherlands, Belgium, & Luxembourg all surrender also

Slide 28: 

France prepares to fight

Slide 29: 

French defense designed to stop any German attack across border

Slide 30: 

2 mil French soldiers France well defended for trench warfare, not German blitzkrieg

Slide 31: 

Profile of the Maginot Line

Slide 32: 

Gun emplacements of Maginot Line

Slide 34: 

Germans go through neutral Belgium instead of facing Maginot Line Uh-Oh...

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Slide 36: 

French & British trapped here by Germans

Slide 37: 

English citizens use private fishing boats to rescue troops! 320,000 soldiers saved! It's a Miracle

Captured Soldiers @ Dunkirk : 

Captured Soldiers @ Dunkirk

Slide 39: 

June 22, ‘40 Italy declares war & attacks France from South France Surrenders

Slide 40: 

German troops march under the Arc de Triomphe

Slide 42: 

More Acquisitions 1941

Slide 43: 

Bulgaria, Rumania, & Hungary ally with Germany by end of ’41

Slide 44: 

N = Neutral N N N N NEXT? A = Ally A A A

Slide 45: 

Battle of Britain Hitler begins bombing raids on GB Britain’s RAF more skilled than Hitler’s Luftwaffe

Slide 46: 

Luftwaffe: 1,200 fighters & 1,300 bombers

Slide 47: 

Only 700 fighters & 1400 pilots!

Bomb devastation in Britain : 

Bomb devastation in Britain

Slide 49: 

Damage to British cities (civilians) is high But GB won!!

Slide 50: 

Significance? GB was saved from Nazis!

Slide 51: 

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few New Prime Minister of GB Winston Churchill

Slide 52: 

Meanwhile,back in the USA...

Slide 53: 

Interventionism: Policy of interfering in affairs of another nation VS

Slide 54: 

FDR arranges deal with GB US gets military bases for 99 years Bases for Destroyers Deal 1940

Slide 55: 

FDR introduces 1st peacetime draft in US history All men 21-35 were forced to apply Selective Service Act

Slide 56: 

“Our boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars” We will become an arsenal of democracy Election of 1940 FDR

Slide 57: 

Lend-Lease Act March ‘41

Slide 58: 

What were the Neutrality Acts? back in 1935… U.S. can NOT sell arms, make loans, or give any kind of assistance to any nation involved in war

Slide 59: 

Fire Hose Analogy If neighbor’s house is on fire, you loan them the hose & get it back when fire is out

Slide 60: 

US Navy ships to protect Lend-Lease shipments from German “Wolf packs” Further US Involvement

Slide 61: 

Many US ships were sunk FDR orders subs sunk on sight

Slide 62: 

June 22, ‘41: Hitler attacks USSR Nicknamed Operation Barbarossa Violates?

Slide 63: 

1. Now a 2 front war 2. USSR is now an ally for G.B.! Significance?

Slide 64: 

FDR extends Lend-Lease aid to USSR!

Slide 65: 

Atlantic Charter FDR & Churchill talk about post-war Idea for United Nations is created: Int’l org. to protect security of all nations

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