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Write a caption for this political cartoon “A Chain of Friendship” – Brooklyn Eagle, 1914 If Austria attacks Serbia, Russia will fall upon Austria, Germany upon Russia, and France and England upon Germany.

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MAIN 4 Causes... Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism

THE BALKAN CRISISAustria-Hungary and the Slavs : 

THE BALKAN CRISISAustria-Hungary and the Slavs Serbs, Bosnians, Croats, and Slovenes (Southern Slavs or Yugoslavs) sought to break free from Austria-Hungary The Serbs were the first to break free, forming Serbia Russia supported the Serbs while Austria-Hungary did not. In 1908, Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia. Serbia feared Austria-Hungary would never let the Slavic people in its empire become independent. Balkans = powder keg  One spark = War

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The spark that started WWI... ?

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Visiting Sarajevo: capital of Austrian province of Bosnia Heir to throne in Austria-Hungary Sophie Archduke Franz Ferdinand

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Assassination June 28, 1914

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Triple Entente (Allies): GB, France, & Russia (plus Italy later) Entangling Alliances

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Triple Alliance - Germany, Austria-Hungary, & Italy Central Powers: Germany, A-H, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria *Note – I updated this slide, so you will have to make changes to your noteguide Their Rival?

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How it went down...

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Russia is allied with Serbia...mobilizes troops down towards Serbia

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Germany declared war on Russia & France WHY? Russia & France are allies

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Germany invaded neutral Belgium on way to France WHY? 1st strike (avoid a two front war)

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Britain declared war on Germany WHY?

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Italy joined Allies later Remember this!

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Use the pull-down map: Austria-Hungary declared war on _________. O.K., now it's your turn

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Germany drives to within 30 miles of Paris but was stopped by British and French troops at the Battle of the Marne Both sides get locked in a bloody stalemate in TRENCHES that are hundreds of miles long

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Horrors of War

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Primary form of warfare

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No-man’s-land 30 Yards Space between opposing trenches

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Soldiers fix their bayonets before going “over the top”

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Weeks turned into months

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Water logged trenches Led to...

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Trench Foot

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Western Front was a stalemate, or tie WHY?

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Industrialized War

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British Howitzer 1914 Big Bertha 1914 3. Artillery

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4. Hand grenades One result of these new weapons...

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5. Flame Throwers

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6. Poison gas & gas masks First Germany, then Allies

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British soldiers blinded by mustard gas

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7. Aircraft - bombings & surveillance

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Dogfights & Aces Plane-to-plane combat

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8. U-Boats U = Untersee (under the sea) Sunk supply ships

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U.S. position so far... Neutrality

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Wilson asks America not to choose sides Wilson knew U.S. interests leaned toward Allies But...

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The Trenches

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“Frustrated Ingenuity”

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