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Brand, Product & Sales Training:

Brand, Product & Sales Training

PowerPoint Presentation:

European Affordable Luxury Handcrafted

Goal is to understand:

Goal is to understand Ti Sento Milano brand and product experience. Ti Sento Milano unique “Brand Positioning”. The Ti Sento Milano product line. How to maximize your store’s success with Ti Sento Milano .

The Brand:

Ti Sento – I feel you. It is our passion to create jewelry that makes women look and feel beautiful, desirable, and special. The Brand


Italian for "I feel you" … express your Ti Sento Milano look depending on how you feel! Mix-and-match versatility. Brand is 10 years old (10yr anniversary in 2013) … filled the void for affordable, handcrafted quality, fashion jewelry. International brand available in +30 countries. Background

Product Range:

Full-range of rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings. Retail prices from $39 SRP to +$1000 SRP. Top 60 (VIP) SKU’s generate 40% of global sales. Two seasonal collections per year - Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter! 70% core items, don’t change – 30% fashion items, change each season. Ti Sento products are fashion forward, on-trend, boldly merchandised and profitable for your store throughout the year! Product Range

PowerPoint Presentation:

Voted “Brand of the Year” in 2010 and 2011 in the UK (Retail Jeweler Magazine – voting by Independent Jewelry Stores) Beating Pandora, Swarovski and all other Fashion Jewelry brands! Success

Unique Brand Strengths:

Unique Brand Strengths

Unique Brand Strengths:

European Elegance … European Fashion inspired jewelry design Affordable Luxury … Starting at $39 to +$1000 (80% of items below $200) Mix & Match Versatility … Across a +650 piece total collection. Fashion Forward Design… Core pieces with Seasonal Fashion Designs Fine jewelry Craftsmanship … Materials, hand-setting (no glue) Unique Brand Strengths

European Fashion Elegance… :

Ti Sento Milano brand combines Italian Language “ ti sento ” with Milano – an admired global Fashion capital! Brilliant team of European jewelry designers based in Amsterdam. European Fashion Elegance…

Mix & Match Fashion Versatility…:

Design principle of Mix + Match fashion… careful attention to pieces flowing together (and long term collectability). Broad jewelry line of +650 pieces in the total collection. Mix & Match Fashion Versatility…

Fashion Forward Design…:

Fashion Forward Design… Timeless elegance of CORE pieces. Combined with on-trend, seasonal FASHION pieces. Dazzling array of colors every season. 2 new collections per year following the classic Fashion calendar.

Fine Jewelry Craftsmanship…:

Fine Jewelry Craftsmanship… .925 Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold Vermeil Rhodium plating for a silky smooth feel and to prevent tarnishing Hand-set stones (never glued!) Real shell pearl… Real calfskin Italian leather Highest quality settings and clasps

PowerPoint Presentation:

Product Segments Rings • Bracelets • Necklaces/Chains • Clip-rings • Pendants • Earrings • Earring Charms


Rings Rings are 36% of global sales. Stacking rings for mix and match fashion versatility. Comfort fit.


Rings Sizing Dealer catalog identifies available sizes. USA six sizes available: 5, 6 , 7 , 7.5 , 8.5 , and 9. Shouldn’t size the rings in store, order turnaround is approximately one week for special orders as needed.


Bracelets are 22% of sales. Stack bracelets to Mix and Match! Stretchy bracelets are threaded on silicon which is much stronger than elastic: Available in small, medium (85% of sales), large Sizing chart available in dealer catalog Bracelets

Bracelet Fasteners:

Catch 1 – Hinged Catch 2 – Lobster Claw Catch 3 – Button and Loop Catch 4 – Hinged Toggle Catch 5 – Invisible Bracelet Fasteners Catch 6 – Hook with Clip Ring

Necklaces & Chains:

Necklaces & Chains Necklaces and Chains are 16% of our sales. Come in a variety of lengths (see Dealer Catalog).


Clip-Rings Most pendants are fitted with their own clip-ring upon leaving the factory (except “clip eye” pendants). Clip-rings are easy to open and close. Can change out clip-rings to create different styles.


Pendants are 8% of sales . Shipped from factory on cotton cord but should always be merchandised in -store on a finished silver or beaded necklace . Pendants


+ + = Choose your Pendant Adjust your Clip-Ring Choose your Necklace/Chain Pendants Creating a beautiful Ti Sento necklace is EASY: Choose your pendant Choose your clip-ring Choose your necklace/ chain

Earrings & Earring Charms:

Earrings & Earring Charms Earrings are 18% of our sales

Earrings & Earring Charms:

Earring charms – mix and match concept – Add an earring charm to a hoop. Or delete the earring charm and wear the hoop and a stud for another look. Earring Hoop Earring Charm + Earrings & Earring Charms

Earrings & Earring Charms:

Types and Fasteners: 1 Over-sized butterfly backs 2 Shepherd hook with clasp 3 Huggies 4 Hoops with wide opening clasp 5 Shepherd hooks 6 Drops and Charms Earrings & Earring Charms 1 2 3 4 5 6

Effective Selling: Being a Ti Sento Milano “Stylist”:

Effective Selling: Being a Ti Sento Milano “Stylist”


Explain the personal selling approach – “Ti Sento Milano Stylist”. Help you incorporate the Ti Sento Milano brand into your personal selling approach. Help you become more successful with Ti Sento Milano in your store. Objectives


Ti Sento Milano target shopper profile. Ask questions to help solve your customers’ “fashion needs”. Be a Ti Sento Milano stylist. Agenda

Ti Sento Milano Profile:

Ti Sento Milano Profile

PowerPoint Presentation:

Can you see the customer? It’s everyone!...

The High Potential Customer:

Not defined by looks or age … It’s her attitude, energy, spirit – her s tyle She is defined by her passion for expressing her own fashion style: Looking for something unique, with European flair. Confident, wants to express her own look. Responds to Mix & Match styles and colors. Premium taste, demands quality and value. The High Potential Customer

Styling Ti Sento Probe Solve Suggest:

Styling Ti Sento Probe Solve Suggest

Getting them to the Counter…:

Make suggestions to solve their fashion “need”: Getting them to the Counter… Can I show you something “new”? A beautiful new collection from Europe… Ti Sento Milano. It’s a versatile Mix+Match collection that lets you create an elegant look for any occasion.

Getting them to the Counter…:

Getting them to the Counter… Suggestions for their fashion “need”: We chose it for our store because of the… Fantastic styling and design across a wide range of colors. Handcrafted quality. Affordable and luxurious.

“Styling” Ti Sento is helping your customer Solve a Fashion Need:

“Styling” Ti Sento is helping your customer Solve a Fashion Need Probe … and then Solve Shopping for a gift? A new outfit? A specific occasion? Specific item in mind?

Probe and Solve:

Probe and Solve Probes for Ti Sento Milano… Style and color preference? Budget?

Probe, Solve and then Suggest:

Probe, Solve and then Suggest Solve for NOW This ring will really complete that outfit! These bracelets are the perfect gift! Suggest for LATER Later we could add these earrings charms to compliment that pendant!

Finalizing the Sale…:

Thank the guest for viewing the collection. Show them a few additional pieces that may be added in the future for their Ti Sento collection. Remind about the “collectable” aspect of Ti Sento Milano. Finalizing the Sale…

PowerPoint Presentation:

For questions or more information, please contact : Mike Marrou mmarrou @premierfashionbrands.com (786) 763-2211

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