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the area around a magnet where a magnetic force is exerted a pole attract repel repel attract an electric circuit

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a power source a conductor (wire) a transformer (something that will use the electricity) electrical mechanical The needle of the compass will align itself to magnetic field created by the wire The needle of the compass will align with Earth’s magnetic field Inside of a magnetic field (between poles of a magnet)

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mechanical electrical It is a generator. The input energy is mechanical and the output energy is electrical; that’s what happens in generators Part A It would make the electromagnet stronger

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It is an electric motor. The electro- magnet in the center is plugged in; it takes electrical energy and changes it into mechanical energy increase the current/electrical energy (ex: bigger battery) put loops (coils) in the wire add an iron core (or a bigger one) into the loops of wire

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A it is changing mechanical energy into electrical energy B it is changing electrical energy into mechanical energy The needle of the compass will spin as it tries to align to the magnetic field that is produced by the current carrying wires in the electrical outlet.

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Most of the electricity that we use comes from generators that are found at power plants (coal, nuclear, and hydroelectric) The turbine spins the magnets inside of the generator; this changes mechanical energy into electrical energy from chemical energy in batteries from solar cells from generators at power plants electrical mechanical sound

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The circuit is closed and the electricity is flowing in a compete circle chemical (battery) electrical (wire) light (light bulb) chemical electrical to mechanical

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chemical heat mechanical electrical heat It is a closed circuit because the light is on. That means the electricity is flowing in a compete path. The bulbs may not have turned on because the battery is not strong enough to power both bulbs.

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electrical heat (they can’t see the light) attract or repel other magnets The steel ball is attracted to nail B because the nail has become an electromagnet. To become an electromagnet there must be a power source (like a battery) in the box

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chemical electrical mechanical chemical light heat convection (warm rises, cool sinks) conduction (they’re touching)

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potential kinetic The total amount of energy in the universe never changes Energy is always changing forms variables that we keep the same the variable that we change the variable that we measure

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solar The water’s mechanical energy is being changed into electrical energy in the generator potential kinetic kinetic potential

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