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Do you looking professional technician to solve your issue related to antivirus? Then don't worry because we are providing the best Mcafee tech support services for Mcafee antivirus. Mcafee is a very powerful antivirus application. If you use this so any hacker or any kind of virus/malware can never harm your computer. So use the Mcafee antivirus and be safe and if you counter any kind of problem with Mcafee then contact us at Mcafee Tech Support USA Number 1-800-247-9134. We are 24/7 available here for your help. Contact Us: Visit : http://www.mcafeetechsupportnumber.com Contact us : +1-800-247-9134


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How to Repair McAfee Framework Services McAfee Customer Support www.mcafeetechsupportnumbers.com +1 800 247 9134 support@mcafeetechsupportnumbers.com

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A common frustration among customers of certain McAfee products is the persistent issues caused by the McAfee Framework Services file. One of the prime functions this file has control over is updating part of the McAfee product installed, and updating the ePolicy Orchestrator Agent. When these tasks are performed, system problems are known to happen, including slow performance due to extremely high CPU usage. If the McAfee Framework Services file is corrupted, you might have to reinstall the Common Management Agent . McAfee Technical Support USA- (800) 247-9134 +1 800 247 9134

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Restart the Framework Service Step 1. Click the Windows "Start" menu, type " compmgmt.msc " in the "Start Search" field and press "Enter," if using Windows Vista. Click "Start" > "Run," type " compmgmt.msc " and press "Enter," if using Windows XP. +1 800 247 9134

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Step 2. Expand " Framework Services and Applications" from the console tree on the left pane. A list of sub-categories displays, including "Services," "WMI Control" and "Indexing Service." +1 800 247 9134 McAfee Tech Support Number

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Step 3. Double-click "Services" and locate the "McAfee Framework Service" from the list of services on the right pane. +1 800 247 9134 McAfee Tech Support

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Step 4. Right-click the "McAfee Framework Service" and choose "Start" from the pop-up menu options. Note: If the status is "Started," choose "Stop" from the pop-up menu, then choose "Restart." +1 800 247 9134

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Step 5. Continue to the next section if the problem persists. +1 800 247 9134 McAfee Tech Support

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Reinstall CMA Step 1. Click the Windows "Start" menu, click "Programs" > "McAfee" > " VirusScan Console." +1 800 247 9134

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Step 2. Step 3. Right-click "Access Protection," choose "Properties" from the drop-down menu and choose "Common Standard Protection." Disable the "Prevent modification of McAfee files and settings" option and confirm by clicking "OK." +1 800 247 9134

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Step 4. Step 5. Launch Windows Explorer, and delete the "FrameworkManifest.xml" file, located under the following directory: For Windows Vista: [Primary Drive]:\Program Data\McAfee\Common Framework +1 800 247 9134

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Step 6. Step 7. For Windows XP: [Primary Drive]:\ Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework Restart the system and reinstall Common Management Agent or ePO agent, as it applies to your McAfee product. +1 800 247 9134

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Need McAfee Customer Support Make a Call +1 800 247 9134

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Get in Touch WE HERE AT ANTIVIRUS TECH SUPPORT MAKE TECHNOLOGY RELIABLE AND CONVENIENT FOR YOU You can find me at: Web : McAfee Technical Support Toll Free: +1-800-247-9134 Email: support@mcafeetechssupportnumber.com (800) 247-9134 www.mcafeeatechsupportnumbers.com

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