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Cloud Computing :

Cloud Computing b y: Michael Burford Rethink Business

The “Cloud”:

Another name for the I nternet Eliminates the need for local databases Real-time information The “Cloud”

Types of Cloud Services:

Three Methods Offered: SaaS – Software as a Service PaaS – Platform as a Service IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service Types of Cloud Services

Security in the Cloud:

Bank level data encryption Protection from unauthorized access Safeguards against hardware failure Shift of direct control of data Privacy issues Security in the Cloud

Continuously Updated:

Data is stored in single remote location Input by A  adjusts what is seen by B, C & D Consistent information for all Access from anywhere Timely software updates Real-time collaboration Continuously Updated

Improved Decision Making:

Real-time information enhances decision making Data synchronization increases reliability E liminates redundancy Reduced errors Improved Decision Making

Embrace the Cloud:

“ The sun always shines above the clouds .” - Paul F. Davis Embrace the Cloud

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