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Niger Matt Sneed

Flag of Niger :

Flag of Niger

Facts about Niger :

Facts about Niger Capital: Niamey Population: 16,344,687 Language: French Climate: Desert, Dry, dusty, and Tropical Currency: CFA franc Religion : Muslim 80% Continent: Africa

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Government and Leaders of Niger Type of Government: Republic Leader’s Name: Tandja Mamadou Large cities: Niamey

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Culture of Niger Foods they eat: Peanuts and millets Dances they do: Unknown Music they like: Unknown Clothing:

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About the People Crops they grow: Work they do: Life expectancy, Men: Life expectancy, women: Holidays: What people do for fun: Camel racing and football Schools and Education:

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You might like to visit Abuja National Stadium National Assembly of Niger

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Cool Facts: There are alot of cool facts but I want to tell y ou about animal facts. This is a Drill monkey. Drill monkeys use many facial expressions to communicate with each other. One is a grin where they show there teeth.

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