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MBT is one of the leading Expansion Joint trading company in UAE. MBT is known for providing complete solution for expansion joint system with expertise management aiming to provide high quality with advance profiles and methods. MBT offers various expansion joint solutions for seismic movements, architectural joints, movement joints, bridge expansion joints, fire rated expansion joints, swimming pool joint profiles, watertight profiles, structural expansion joint, architectural expansion joint, architectural sealant products, movement expansion joints, seismic expansion joints, fire resistant expansion joints, control expansion joints, cover plates, heavy duty expansion joints, parking expansion joints, water tightening expansion joints, bridge expansion joints, exterior wall expansion points, dsm system, quiet joint, backing rods, structural movement joints, compression seal, epoxy expansion seal, roof expansion joint, trench access covers, neoprene foam seal etc.


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Modern Building Technologies Technical Services LLC:

Modern Building Technologies Technical Services LLC Building Blocks of Life https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en


Contents Expansion Joints Various Expansion Joints Know More Other Products Reach Us https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en


Expansion joints permits thermal contraction and expansion without inducing stresses into the elements. An expansion joint is designed to absorb safely the expansion and contraction of several construction materials, absorb vibrations, and permit soil movements due to earthquakes or ground settlement. MBT have very long expertise & experience in providing architectural finishing products such as expansion joints and sealant products in UAE . Expansion Joints https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en

Various Expansion Joints:

Various Expansion Joints Movement Expansion Joints Seismic Expansion joints Fire resistant Expansion joints Control Expansion joints Heavy Duty Expansion Joints Parking Expansion Joints Water Tightening Expansion Joints Bridge Expansion Joints Roof Expansion Joint Exterior Wall Expansion Joints DSM System Quiet Joint Backing Rods Structural Movement Joints Compression Seal Epoxy Expansion Seal Neoprene Foam Seal Cover Plates Trench Access Covers https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en


Seismic Expansion Joints Fire resistant Expansion Joints Heavy Duty Expansion Joints Parking Expansion Joints https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en


Bridge Expansion Joints Roof Expansion Joint Exterior Wall Expansion Joints DSM System https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en


Quiet Joint Backing Rods Neoprene Foam Seal Control Expansion Joints Trench Access Covers


MBT offers wide range of expansion joint profiles according to all need of industries and building platforms. Some of the expansion joints are fixed on the floor in the commercial building such as Shopping Malls, Buildings, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Hotels, & Car parks where walker traffic loads. Though the system can be designed of different materials, a common variant is composed of mill finished Aluminum Alloy & EPDM Rubber material. https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en


Modern Building Technologies Technical Services LLC is a leading provider of Expansion joints for clients in the Middle East area and MBT is a leading construction, maintenance provider and installation of different profiles in Dubai, UAE. We have supplied Expansion joints for different projects in the Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and Qatar. We have been serving in this region for the last forty years, and provided quality products for use in various installations around this region. https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en


Modern Building Technologies Technical Services has grown to become one of the pioneers in providing building technology solutions in UAE market. Our emphasis on innovative technologies has assured us a leading role as a reliable solution provider to the construction and related industries. Based in Dubai, our experts serve contractors and construction pros across the nation with genuine dedication to project outcomes and customer satisfaction. MBT is a well-established and leading provider of turnkey fit out solutions, architectural finishes & Engineering products solutions. We are proud to serve our customers with personalized, reliable service that few companies provide. Know More https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en


MBT was consistently been in the forefront of the construction industry through its customized approached and high quality material offerings to its customers. With vast experience gained from well known projects and working with reputed customers and consultants in the UAE, MBT offers supply & installation of the following: Other Products Wooden Pergolas Kitchen Cabinet  /  Wooden Cabinets Wooden Doors Wooden Wardrobes FF & E https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en


Reach Us Modern Building Technologies, Building Blocks of Life Mobile No.: +97144416791 Email: info@mbt-techserv.com Address: P.O. Box 478520, Dubai, United Arab Emirates https://www.mbt-techserv.com/en


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