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Weight Loss Products and Programs:

Weight Loss Products and Programs HPEB J547 McCown Bridges & Lauren Decker

Weight Loss in America:

Weight Loss in America Americans spend over $40 billion a year on weight loss products and programs Obesity and weight-related issues continue to dominate our news outlets Weight Watchers (program) and Quick Trim (product)

Part One: Internet search:

Part One: Internet search Weight Watchers: Google: 40.2 million hits Bing: 45.1 million hits Weight Watchers is an international company that offers weight loss services and a variety of diet products. Weight Watchers has developed the “four pillars of health weight loss:” helpful habits, eating smarter, getting support, moving more to help its clients and customers lose weight smartly. Weight Watchers claims to have 45 years experience in the business. Its programs are designed to help consumers make health choices. Weight Watchers offers a variety of weight loss programs. Its PointsPlus program is currently its most popular program.

Part One: Internet Search:

Part One: Internet Search Quick Trim Google: About 7,450,000 results Bing: About 103,000,000 results Quick Trim is a brand of weight loss supplements with about ten different varieties, such as a powdered mix drink and pills, that offers quick weight loss and are “synergistically designed to complement your lifestyle.” (

Part One: Dubious Websites :

Part One: Dubious Websites eDiets is a weight loss program similar to Weight Watchers and other popular weight loss programs. The main purpose of this website is to sell weight loss products. This website sells food for meal plans. The success of the website relies on consumers’ “success stories” and testimonies. The company also admits that it generates revenue by selling advertising space on its website. There is no mention as to whether the company checks out any of the products or services it appears to promote via its website. The website offers visitors a chance to chat live with a specialist, but there is no medical literature or contact information for any kind of medical professional.

Part One: Dubious Websites:

Part One: Dubious Websites Kim Kardashian writes a blog about Quick Trim and how it helps her to stay fit and lose “the last five pounds.” She also talks about her sister Khloe’s use of the product. Obviously, the Kardashian sisters are paid endorsers of Quick Trim and therefore I’m not sure what she says can be trusted. This website is very dubious because Kim Kardashian is a well-known paid endorsement for this company, and her intention is to sell the product ( Kardashian , 2009 ).

Part One: Credible Websites:

Part One: Credible Websites Metabolic Medical Centers - This website is the website for a medical organization, Metabolic Medical Centers, in South Carolina. These centers are run by board-certified doctors who took research they conducted working with diabetic patients and developed a system for weight control for regular patients. The website also provides links to websites of other medical organization like the American Diabetes Association.

Part One: Credible Websites:

Part One: Credible Websites This website suggests that Quick Trim isn’t healthy and is only laxatives in a bottle. It sheds even more light that Kim Kardashian is endorsing the product for money (something we always knew) and that viewers who think they’ll have a body like Kardashian’s just from using this product are not correct. This website is credible because it is from U.S. News and is intended to provide information to the public about this product.

Part One: Costs of Products/Services:

Part One: Costs of Products/Services Weight Watchers There is a $30 first week joining fee and then the weekly fee is $12, so for one month it would cost a total of $66. There is also another option to buy an 8-week pass that would be good for two months and only costs $8.50 per week, so one month would cost $34, but you would have to commit to two months. Quick Trim Costs range from about $26.99 to about $66.99, depending on whether you want a bottle of pills or an entire 30-day system.

Part One: Consumer Claims:

Part One: Consumer Claims We could not find this information on the websites for either product/program.

Part Two: Electronic Database Search:

Part Two: Electronic Database Search Weight Watchers PubMed: 60

Part Two: Article Review:

Part Two: Article Review Weight-loss maintenance 1, 2 and 5 years after successful completion of a weight-loss programme This study tracked individuals who completed the weight loss program Weight Watchers to see if they maintained at least 5 percent of their weight loss. The study found that nearly 80 percent of the sample maintained their weight one year after completion of the weight loss program. Just over 70 percent maintained their weight two years after completing the program, and 50 percent maintained their weight after five years.

Part Two: Electronic Database Search:

Part Two: Electronic Database Search Quick Trim Electronic databases searched for “Quick Trim ”: Google scholar: 0 : 0 USC ScienceDirect : 0 PubMed : 0 PubMed article for “Weight Loss”: 123

Part Two: Article Review:

Part Two: Article Review “Association of web-based weight loss information use with weight reduction behaviors in adolescent women .” This article examines the weight loss articles on the Internet and compares it to adolescent girls’ behavior toward weight loss. The author conducted a study of more than 3,000 girls between 2008 and 2010. Results showed that 39 percent of those surveyed used the internet to find weight loss material, and these women were more likely to exercise, take diet pills, vomit after eating and skip meals.

Part Two: Conclusions:

Part Two: Conclusions Weight Watchers The information that I found seems to suggest that the Weight Watchers program is pretty successful. The program seems to give consumers good guidelines for life-long healthy eating and exercising habits. The Weight Watchers program doesn’t promise quick fixes. It does sell a product and service, but the service seems to be based on sound research. Quick Trim Weight is a serious issue among American girls, and this isn’t helped by using the Kardashian sisters as celebrity endorsers. Because American girls are already so vulnerable when it comes to weight-related issues, using teen pop celebrities only escalates the potential of adolescent girls using unhealthy weight-loss supplements.


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