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Bucknet 2.0 : 

Bucknet 2.0 Your web 2.0 environment awaits 1

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Now, when you login to our LAN, a window with two Bucknet tabs will open 3

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First Tab Global Home Page Contains important information for our global organization 4

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My Site home page Second Tab 5

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Get Started - Edit your My Site Profile Update your Basic Information About Me Ask Me About 6 Update your Subject Matter Expert Database Information

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Edit My Profile Update your Basic Information via Edit My Profile 7

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8 Update About Me and Ask Me About About Me: Give a brief description of yourself Ask Me About: List topics you can help people with Review your profile and make other updates as needed.

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9 Update Subject Matter Expertise Information Edit My Profile

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10 Update your SME (Subject Matter Expert) Click SME Review your profile and make other updates as needed.

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Look for: “Find an Expert” at the top of your screen. Then, search your desired subject. Below will be a list of “Experts” within Buck. 11 Finding SMEs

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12 Use “I Like It” and “Tags & Notes” to mark content that you want to access Mouse over a document or link, then check the box on the left that appears. Then click “I Like It” or “Tags & Notes”

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13 Use “Tags & Notes” for customized labels on your favorite documents and links Enter your customized tag, and click save

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14 Retrieve your “Tags & Notes” Click Tags and Notes, located on your My Site

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15 Retrieve your Tagged Content View items that you “Liked or Tagged” by clicking on the Tag

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Open Collaboration Center Click on Communities Directory 16 Follow Communities

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Follow Communities 17 If a Community has a "Follow" link, simply click on the word "Follow" and you will join the Community. If a Community has a "Private" link, that means that you need to request access before you can follow. To request access to a Private community, click on the word "Private" and complete the form to Request Access.

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Follow BN2.0 Help and Feedback Community Check out new features, find your favorite commands, and ask questions 18

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19 In the lower right, you will see My Colleagues Access your My Site and scroll to the bottom of the page Follow your Colleagues

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Manage colleagues Add Colleagues 20 Follow your Colleagues

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Browse colleagues 21 Follow your Colleagues Click OK

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22 Update your Profile Basic Information About Me and Ask Me About SME Information Identify content for quick retrieval using Tags & Notes Follow Communities Follow Colleagues First Things First Attend Bucknet 2.0 Training Classes

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Bucknet 2.0 Explore the possibilities of 23

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