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Online Learning Tools Encouraging Digital Learning Benefits of Online Learning is no more a topic of debate and the need of it in educational assistance is widely accepted. It is always better to have assistance in education that is available for students without any constraints of time. Online learning or digital learning expansion of education techniques has changed the face of teaching - learning methods. A scene of classroom where learning was limited to board chalk and duster is a talk of bygone days. Unlike then now students need not write down hurriedly all the points. Rather focus is brought to understanding through live examples and visual and digital learning. Digital learning is a futuristic approach in learning. online education in sri lanka is envisioned to be realized so that literacy stats are high in technical education as well. Digital education is found to be significant for both educator as well as for teachers. It is way more comprehensive lucid and easy to manage. Through use of digital tools of education emphasis is brought to the encouragement to digital approaches in education as well in working procedures. The current phase of education that is digital learning is the most advanced phase. In this phase education is being provided in pro-student manner. Motivating learning: This learning motivates students be a part of learning with its much comprehensive and visually effective learning. Digital education is introduced to the schools as it is way more understandable with the use of its features of animation and audios.

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Easily managed and collaborative: Enabling digital tools of learning makes it way easier to manage the classroom activity. From the prospect of educator lessons for everyday class could be managed. Quick Assessments and Responses: Gone are the days when it used to take a long time to get the results of assessments tests. Nowadays assessments prepared in a manner that the entire syllabus is covered besides results are given within shortest period of time. Culminating technical advances in education has come into view as the popular and innovative manner to encourage comprehensive learning. Ahead to such approaches of bridging technology and education books of modern’s abc such as moderns abc biology are given with facility to use augmented reality application that is Nytra in learning. Use of augmented reality application transforms images into alive and animated form. As the user scan image application starts playing animation that illustrate the written content with help of audios.

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