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China MBBS Educational Institution (CMEI) creates opportunity for Indian students to study MBBS in China in all medical colleges and University in China, We are a complete trustful source for Indian students making their future in Medical Education. Direct Admissions in Shihezi University, Jilin University, Qingdao University, North Sichuan Medical University


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Welcome to China MBBS:

Welcome to China MBBS We provide all sorts of career solutions to everyone. who is interested in studying and making a career in China. Be it Medicine, Engineering, Chinese Martial Arts or language programs-China is full of opportunities including credits transfer from a Chinese University to any other. Come explore the world of China. It's simply unique and beautiful.

Top 4 Medical Universities in China recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI):

Top 4 Medical Universities in China recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) As one of the national key universities directly under the State Ministry of Education (MOE) and one of the State 211 Project Universities, Shihezi University (SU) is located in the Garden City of Shihezi city at the northern foot of the Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang another key university directly under the MOE, and West China University. Bachelor's Degree Programs :- MBBS (Clinical Medicine, 6 Years) Preventive Medicine (5 Years) Medical Imaging (5 Years) Advanced Nursing Science (4 Years) The University provides rooms with complete facilities. The rooms are equipped with telephones, color TV sets, Internet access, refrigerators, fan, desks, wardrobes and bathrooms. 1

Jilin University (JLU):

Jilin University (JLU) Jilin University (JLU) is located in the central part of Northeast China, its territory covers 187,400 square kilometers, and the population is over 27 million, with Changchun City as its capital. Jilin province is one of China’s important production base of commodities. Jilin Province has special landscape with good ecological environment, rich natural, mineral and tourist resources. This is a key national University under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education. Other resources include 5 research bases for humanities and social sciences, 9 key laboratories sponsored by the Ministry of Education and 14 by other ministries of Chinese government. JLU offers a variety of degree programs. It has now 124 undergraduate programs, 311 master''''''''s degree program, 240 doctoral degree programs, and 37 post-doctoral programs. The year of 2011-2012 saw the enrollment of a total of 68132-odd full time students among whom more than 25095 are graduate students. At present there are 6540 faculty members, with 20 members of Chinese Academy of Science and/or Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 1638 full professors. 

Qingdao University:

Qingdao University Qingdao University is situated in Qingdao, China, the site of the Olympic Sailing Base and one of the most beautiful bays in the world. With a long history as a university founded in 1924, Qingdao University is a prestigious comprehensive university with both teaching and research. Qingdao Medical University has established exchange and cooperation relationships with more than 140 overseas universities and higher learning institutions.  recognized as a member of the national "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program." With a strong profile in Medical Sciences, Textile and Design, Business, and liberal arts, QU serves 32,300 full-time undergraduate students, 7,400 graduate students, and 1,100 international students. The University has 4,000 staff members and more than 32,000 full-time students, including1,600 graduate Students, In addition, there are 700 foreign students and more than 11,000 students for continuing education. 1,100,000 square meters of university buildings are housed on the 1,700,000 square meters campus.

Nanjing Medical University:

Nanjing Medical University In September 1934, a new Nanjing University was established on the basis of the amalgamation of the four former individual universities, namely Nanjing University, Nanjing Agricultural University and Nanjing Medical University, which were all located in Nanjing city, one of the four ancient Chinese capitals. NMU has 3 first-level disciplines authorized to confer doctoral degrees, 35 second-level disciplines to confer doctoral degrees, 3 post-doctoral stations, 7 first-level disciplines to confer master’s degrees, 55 second-level disciplines to confer master’s degrees, 3 national key disciplines, 12 provincial key disciplines, 12 five-year programs, 2 six-year dual bachelor’s degree programs, and 3 seven-year programs. Currently more than 10,000 students are on campus during the academic year. NMU has a strong faculty team of 1501 registered faculty members, including 159 full professors, 344 associate professors, 132 supervisors of doctoral programs and 386 supervisors of master’s programs.

Study in China:

Study in China The People's Republic of China has grown in the field of education with a startling pace. Study in China is beneficial in many ways. First of all, the cost of education in China is very low. Medical education is one of the most expensive fields of education in the entire world. China, being the central attraction of students worldwide, has students studying from all over the world, with different ethnic and racial backgrounds. This cultural diversity allows the students to learn about people from different countries with a variety of personal opinions and cultural and religious beliefs. Keeping in mind the large number of medical students that come from all over the world, Chinese have now introduced English language as the main medium of instruction in many of its educational universities. It allows international students to study in a quality environment of international standard at a relatively low cost. If you are an Indian student aiming to pursue higher education in China, our team is going to help you in achieving that goal. The decision to leave your country and move abroad is undoubtedly, a tough one. We will make sure that you pass through all the stages of application, admission procedure, documentation and immigration without any hassles and frustrating visits to one place or another.


Student Visa to study in China :- Ready to Study MBBS in China? Remember that you need to get a student visa. There are various ways to acquire a Student Visa. You can either visit your closest Chinese Embassy directly or our franchisee agents will help you. Once Admission Letter and JW2O2 form is delivered to the student, he/she can apply for a student visa for studying MBBS in China. China MBBS provides the student an admission letter which is on the University Letter-head with all the details of the student mentioned. We also have agents in different countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, where the visa process will be done at free of cost. When you apply for a Visa, please make sure you have the following : ■ Visa Application form (check the download page on our website or the website of your home country’s Chinese Embassy or Consulate) ■ Your original copy of “JW202” form. China MBBS Educational Institution will send you this form via courier as soon as we receive your full payment and have confirmed your placement into the Chinese Medical University of your choice. ■ Official enrollment or Admission Letter from the University of your choice. China MBBS Team will send you this letter via courier. ■ Two recent passport-size photos ■ Valid passport with at least 6 months remaining before the expiration date. ■ At least one blank page in your passport. ■ Visa application fee. The visa processing time is typically 7-10 working days; however, you may also choose to expedite your visa application for an additional cost

Contact Information:-:

Contact Information:- Feel free to contact us. Do you have an inquiry or an opinion about our services, or this website? Visit the appropriate page listed below and tell us all about it. Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for helping us improve our services. Email Us service@chinambbs.org Send us a comment or recommend an improvement to China MBBS services. affiliates@chinambbs.org For any affiliate/agency inquiries. Head Quarters Qing Dao Shi, Shi Bei District, Han Kou Road 168hao 1dan yuan, China - 266071 T E L :  CHINA : +86-18678985218 / +86-18253283680 INDIA : +91-09892535618 F A X : +86-532-83621019 EMAIL : info@chinambbs.org Website :- http://www.chinambbs.org//

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