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Over 120 Employees

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Experienced, Board Certified Physicians

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Training over 85 students, interns & residents annually

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Serving 28,453 patients in 2010

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From 220 zip codes

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Hunter Central Clinic 2318 East Central Avenue Wichita Child Guidance Center 415 North Poplar Hunter Brookside Satellite 2760 South Roosevelt Hunter Diabetes Care Center 238 North Waco Hunter Inter-Faith Ministries 841 North Broadway At Convenient Locations

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Dr luken picture Planeview

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And beyond

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With Compassion, Dignity & Respect

____ below poverty:

____ below poverty 80% below poverty

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68% uninsured

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26% needing interpreters Interpreter picture

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6,133 children

Slide 19:

3,000 homeless

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Patient-driven Community Based Organization

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Governed by a majority patient Board of trustees

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Elected by the patients For the patients

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To provide affordable, accessible care

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A patient centered medical home

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Recognized for quality of care

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Cultural and linguistic services

Electronic Health Record:

Electronic Health Record Electronic Health Records

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Ravi pic Evening Clinic

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Addressing health disparities

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A community-supported effort

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Xray pic- Hospital-donated diagnostics

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Dr. luken Physician-donated specialty care

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Pharmaceutical company- donated medications

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Interior photos? Tiwaconi? Donated space and equipment

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collages We are asking for your help

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So that no one is turned away

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