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Venkateshwara Open University Work Integrated Learning Programs(WILP) are technical continuing education programs designed for working professionals that are easier to take, self-paced, supported with an excellent LMS and will ultimately give you that extra edge. Apply Now! https://www.voussm.edu.in/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-venkateshwara-open-university


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All you need to know about Venkateshwara Open University Venkateshwara Open University has been established through the State Legislative Act LAW/LEGN-10/2012 of Arunachal Pradesh in 2012. The letter of UGC deems Venkateshwara Open University under UGC as a legitimate private university which has been established by an act of State Legislature of Arunachal Pradesh. As a private open university it is completely empowered to award degrees which have been particularly specified under section 22 of the UGC Act. The University has immensely built its reputation for its ability to disseminate and deliver quality education ever-since its inception. Technically speaking Venkateshwara Open University distance education provides a platform for higher learning that is internationally acknowledged. The university has attained extraordinary stature in the realm of higher education keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the present day professionals. The Venkateshwara Open University provides a well-developed well-mentored and more importantly an extremely well-structured pedagogic experience to the learners and the aspirants in a variety of fields and levels of excellence such as at Doctoral level Post-Graduate level and Graduate level. The idea behind such an initiative is to attain new level of excellence in education so that it can imbibe and incite methodically social changes in the communities not just within the threshold of the state or the nation but as matter of fact to reach out to learners across the globe and give new dimensions to distance learning. Venkateshwara open has been trying to revolutionize the very idea and concept of open learning and distance education. One of the most unique features of this university is that it has an online distance education program set to achieve higher level of excellence. It provides the students with the ability to access a wide array of videos and live lectures which are designed to stimulate a virtual classroom environment and make the learning resolute and systematic. Research has time and again shown how a systematic learning process is the most adequate and quick way of learning. It is the right way to proceed. The university also provides a very adequate space for students to make queries to the university lecturers. One can rest assured that the queries are immediately addressed. The addressed lecturer is sure to respond within two days to the queries of the students.

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As far as ranking is concerned it has been significantly observed that there has been a good degree of rise in the ranking since 2012 when the university first started. One of the most effective efficient and good courses that VOU has to provide is distance MBA in more than 22 specializations which is presently the best option for working professionals who need to continue with their job and at the same time wants to pursue a higher degree in business management as the realm is pretty ripe. VOU is an excellent choice for distance learning MBA. The management program is so well tailored that it allows one to navigate between job and education seamlessly. It can potentially help reach a much wider learner base that is globally acknowledged.

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