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Way of Affiliates Marketing Services


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How to affiliate marketing works Affiliate marketing brings three parties together viz. Advertiser, Publisher and Consumer. An advertiser is a company selling a product like an App, Website or Video, who is ready to pay some amount to sell his product and advertise his business.

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Publisher is an individual or a company that promotes the advertiser’s product through different platforms in exchange of nominal fee. Consumer is the final party whose actions completes the affiliate relationship triangle. Consumer completes the relationship by clicking, downloading, viewing or surveying the advertiser product.

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We know with advent of Internet, many other terms also came up like malware, spams and viruses, which can be dangerous. But icing on the cake, was the e-commerce which relies on the technology known as Cookie. Like cookie doubles our joy coffee, Similarly Cookie Technology stores our information like login, shopping cart information, Password. The cookies content can be seen on other websites as display banners. Cookie identifies the audience on the basis of their clicks and publisher through that information, using different platforms, circulates the advertiser’s product to those who need them. This way interested customer downloads advertiser’s app, clicks on advertiser’s website and in return advertiser gets some money, enabling him to earn.

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The Mazuma Story Mazuma helps you reach a real audience with ease and promote your product with them. Be it your app, website, video it will reach the right people through various platforms and will help you reach among top ranked app/website. Mazuma is all about solving advertiser’s ad monetization problems with no fake downloads or clicks. They assure everything is 100% real and valid.  

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Hit the Bulls Eye, Smartly The incredible services of Mazuma offer high audience retention service that helps advertiser to grow his App Downloads / Website Views / Video Views. Not only this, But Mazuma also provides full transparency along with full control. All of these factors play together as one, and make advertiser’s product stand out.  

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Mazuma not only benefits the Advertiser, but also provide some virtual reward to its user so that consumers keep visiting their network again and again, that makes Mazuma a user retention network . User earns virtual rewards by completing offers, writing surveys, installing apps, and more. Hence, for earning more they keep visiting back the network.   This self-serve Affiliate Marketing Platform , enables advertiser’s manage their app or website easily, with high rate of success.

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Contact us Address: Block A, 15/F Hillier Comm. Building City : Sheung , Wan Country : Hongkong Email Id : - support@mazuma.com.hk Web : - http://www.mazuma.com.hk/

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