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René LACOSTE entered the legend of tennis when he and his team-mates “The Musketeers”, stole the DAVIS CUP away from the Americans for the first time, in 1927 and again in 1928. Not forgetting his 3 French Open victories (1925, 1927 and at the ROLAND-GARROS stadium in 1929), his two victories in Great Britain (WIMBLEDON 1925 and 1928) and two U.S. OPEN titles at Forest Hills (1926 and 1927). René LACOSTE was born in France on 2nd July 1904 and died on 12th October 1996. HISTORY

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WHY CROCODILE?....... The true story of the “Crocodile” dates back to 1927.

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In 1933, René LACOSTE and André GILLIER,the owner and chairman of France’s largest knitwear manufacturing firm at the time, set up a company to make the logo- embroidered shirt designed by the champion for his own use on the tennis court. Also marketed were a number of other tennis, golf and sailing shirts, as can be seen in the first catalogue from 1933.


FROM 1933 TO THE PRESENT, A FEW KEY DATES TRACE THEPROGRESS OF THE LACOSTE BRAND: 1933 - Industrial production of the first LACOSTE shirts, in particular the white “petit piqué” cotton shirt code-named the “1212”. 1934 to 1939 - Progressive and selective sales development of top quality shirts. 1940 to 1946 - Interruption of the company's activity during the war. 1946 - Production starts up again in the French market. 1951 - Beginning of clothing exports to Italy. Addition of a colour range to the white petit piqué cotton shirt.

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1952 - Beginning of clothing exports to the United States. 1959 - First collection for children. 1960 - Launch of shorts and striped polo shirts. The string damper is patented by René LACOSTE. 1961 - Signing of a clothing manufacturing and distribution licence in Spain

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1963 - René LACOSTE invents the first steel racket: this revolution in tennis equipment threatens the supremacy of wooden rackets and leads the way for today’s models. 1964 - Beginning of clothing exports to Japan 1966 - Signing of a clothing manufacturing agreement in the United States

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1968 - Launch of LACOSTE Eau de Toilette, produced under licence by Jean PATOU. 1971 - Signing of a clothing manufacturing and distribution licence in Japan. 1974 - René LACOSTE invents and patents the “damper” used on LACOSTE steel rackets. It is located at the end of the shaft and absorbs vibrations while improving accuracy and increasing the energy restitution. 1978 - Signing of a clothing manufacturing and distribution licence in Brazil.

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1981 - Signing of an agreement with L’AMY for the development of a line of sunglasses and optical frame. Opening of the world’s first LACOSTE boutique, avenue Victor Hugo in Paris. 1982 - Signing of a clothing manufacturing and distribution licence in Australia. 1984 - Launch of a new line of “LACOSTE pour Homme” toiletries with Jean PATOU. For the launch of the Peugeot 205, construction of a special “LACOSTE” limited series.

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1985 - Launch of a new line of LACOSTE tennis shoes, manufactured in France. Signing of clothing manufacturing and distribution licences in South Korea and Argentina. 1986 - Signing of a manufacturing and distribution licence in Japan with a new partner, the SEIBU SAISON Group. 1987 - Signing of a clothing manufacturing and distribution licence in Thailand.

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1988 - Mr. René LACOSTE patents a new tennis racket concept: the “EQUISYSTEME”. Launch of the “EQUIJET” racket; its unique shape combines the benefits of large-head and small-head rackets. Three years later, Guy FORGET uses this racket to win the 1991 Davis Cup. 1990 - Signing of clothing manufacturing and distribution licences in Mexico and Turkey. 1991 - Signing of a worldwide licensing agreement for LACOSTE Leisure shoes, with the PENTLAND Group. 59 years after the last victory of the LACOST musketeers - BOROTRA, BRUGNON and COCHET, the French team of Guy FORGET and Henri LECONTE wins the Davis Cup in Lyon from the U.S.A. on 1st December 1991, wearing a crocodile on their hearts!

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1992 - In the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, the LACOSTE Group resumes control over the LACOSTE brands with the help of its worldwide manufacturer, DEVANLAY S.A. Both the production and distribution in the United States and Canada are provided by DEVANLAY S.A. Signing of a clothing manufacturing and distribution licence agreement in India 1993 - A new worldwide manufacturing agreement is signed with DEVANLAY S.A., industrial partner and associate of LACOSTE, until 30th June 2012. This agreement grants exclusive worldwide manufacturing rights for LACOSTE clothing to DEVANLAY. New distribution agreements are also signed with DEVANLAY S.A. for France and Germany, extending through to 30th June 2012. Signing of a licensing agreement for a line of LACOSTE watches, to be produced by the Swiss company ROVENTA-HENEX and distributed by the VIMONT S.A. company.

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1994 - Signing of a clothing distribution licence in China and opening of a LACOSTE boutique in Shanghaï. Line of LACOSTE watches launched on 14th April, at the Basel International Watch fair. 1995 - New furniture concept for LACOSTE boutiques and corners created by designer Yves TARALON. Opening of the first American LACOSTE boutiques, in Palm Beach and Bal Harbour, Florida. Signing of a distribution licence in Russia. Signing of an agreement between LACOSTE and FICO, the International Ocean Yacht Racing Federation. The FICO-LACOSTE World Championship recognises the world’s leading skipper.

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1996 - Opening of the first LACOSTE boutique in Moscow, Russia. Opening of the LACOSTE Internet site on 18th June. The French tennis team including Guy FORGET, Arnaud BOETSCH and Guillaume RAOUX wins the Davis Cup in Malmö (Sweden) wearing LACOSTE. LACOSTE boutique on Madison Avenue, New York opens in December. 1997 - Success of the French womens tennis team with its LACOSTE players, who become the new world champions by winning the Fed Cup, the womens equivalent of the Davis Cup.

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1998 - On 16th March, the worldwide clothing production partner, DEVANLAY S.A., is taken over by the MAUS family (90%) and LACOSTE (10%). The MAUS family, through DEVANLAY, thus becomes a 35% minority shareholder of ACOSTE, with the remaining 65% belonging to the LACOSTE family. Nathalie TAUZIAT is runner-up at Wimbledon, the first French player to achieve such a feat since Suzanne LENGLEN in 1925. Loïck PEYRON wins the FICO LACOSTE World Championship.

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1999 - José Maria OLAZABAL wins the Augusta Masters (USA) in April, one of the world’s four “majors”. As of 1st July 1999, LACOSTE grants the worldwide clothing licence for the LACOSTE brand to DEVANLAY, until 31st December 2012; licence extended until 2025 in March 2000. This agreement covers the creation, manufacturing, distribution, merchandising and product advertising for LACOSTE clothing items. Licence agreement for LACOSTE household linens, covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa, signed on 1st October with DESCAMPS S.A., a part of the ZUCCHI- BASSETTI group.

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2000 - Signing in May of an agreement with Christophe LEMAIRE, successor to Gilles ROSIER who is henceforth responsible for the artistic direction of Devanlay’s LACOSTE activities. His first clothing collection will be for the Spring / Summer 2002 season. Licence agreement for LACOSTE belts for Men, Women and Children signed on 1st October with COLLAERT S.A, and covering Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Worldwide licence agreement for LACOSTE bags, travel items and small leather goods signed with SAMSONITE on 21st December.

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2001 - Licence agreement for the marketing of LACOSTE perfumes and beauty products signed in September with P & G PRESTIGE BEAUTE, the Fine Perfume Division of the PROCTER & GAMBLE Beauty Care Business Unit. Agreement for the creation of a LACOSTE leather goods line signed in October with Christophe PILLET, who is also the designer of the new furniture line for LACOSTE boutiques and corner concession stands. 2002 - In July, the first new concept LACOSTE boutique was opened in Dusseldorf. The new concept was produced by Patrick RUBIN and Christophe PILLET. Further new concept boutiques were opened, in Omotesando in Tokyo, Carré Senart, Lyon, Orlando, Dallas, London and Istanbul. In October, P & G Prestige Beauté launches ‘LACOSTE Pour Homme’ worldwide with a major advertising campaign by Herb RITTS.

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2003 - The 31st March, Patricia MEUNIER LEBOUC won the Kraft Nabisco Championship in California. She became the first French female player to win an LPGA major, since Catherine LACOSTE won the US Open in 1967. In April, P&G Beauté launch LACOSTE Pour Femme . Created exclusively for LACOSTE by Olivier CRESP, the launch is accompanied by a campaign from the photographer Nathaniel GOLDBERG. In July, two new concept LACOSTE boutiques opened their doors on the Champs Elysée in Paris and on 5th Avenue in New York. In September the first Lacoste défilé in New York.

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2004 - In Autumn, P&G Prestige Beauté launches Lacoste “Touch of Pink”. In December 2004, “Touch of Pink” is ranked amongst the top perfumes sold in Europe'es principal countries. The development of the Lacoste Piqué Stretch polo contributes to the success of the brand worldwide, in particular in the United States which, at the end of 2004, becomes Lacoste's number one market worldwide. An international survey is conducted in 10 countries by COFREMCA - SOCIOVISION, and confirms the strong worldwide renown of the LACOSTE brand: 73% of the population of these countries are familiar with the brand, and 96 % in France.

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2005 - Tatiana GOLOVIN and Richard GASQUET win the mixed-doubles final at Roland Garros LACOSTE announces the signature of a five- year partnership with Andy RODDICK, 22, who becomes one of the LACOSTE Ambassadors Amazing achievements for LACOSTE champions Jean François REMESY wins the 2005 French Open after a magnificent play off duel with his countryman Jean VAN DE VELDE who ranked second. LACOSTE's Board of Directors has appointed Michel LACOSTE Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, and has confirmed the positions of Jean-Claude FAUVET and Marc LUMET as Senior Executive Vice Presidents. This follows their acceptance of Bernard LACOSTE's resignation for health reasons. Bernard LACOSTE -who has led the development of the company in a remarkable way for more than forty years-, is named Honorary Chairman of LACOSTE.

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Launch of LACOSTE new advertising campaign 'Un peu d'air sur terre' which presents the LACOSTE Autumn/Winter 2005-06 collection. BETC – HAVAS Group - advertising agency in Paris was asked to delve into the heart of the brand to express LACOSTE style in it's own way and turned to photographer, David Sims, to illustrate this new concept. LACOSTE and L'AMY Group have renew their optical and sunglasses licence agreement (mens, womens, and childrens) for the LACOSTE Brand in Europe, Middle-East and Africa. LACOSTE and CHARMANT Inc. sign a licence agreement for the same products, beginning 1st January 2006 for Asia and South America and 1st July 2006 for North America and Mexico. At TFWA World Exhibition 2005 in Cannes, LACOSTE unveils international accessories travel retail concept. In Autumn 2005, P&G prestige Beauté launched 'LACOSTE ESSENTIAL' worldwide, a fragrance that evokes the spirit of LACOSTE : sophisticated yet bright; fresh yet comfortable; spirited yet complex; classic yet modern.

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2006 - Signature of a two-year partnership with Lorena OCHOA, who will end-up the 2006 season as N°1 of the LPGA Tour. Bernard LACOSTE, who presided over the destiny of the famous crocodile, and turned the emblem of his father, the tennis champion René LACOSTE, into one of the best known brands around the world, passed away peacefully in Paris, on March 21st, 2006. In Summer 06, P&G Beauté launches a new women fragrance : 'LACOSTE Inspiration' worldwide, a free-spirited signature fragrance that revels an array of fascinating layers. LACOSTE announced that it has entered into a long-term worldwide license agreement with Movado Group, Inc. The agreement is effective as of January 1, 2007 and includes design, production, and distribution of mens and womens timepiece collections. Creation of the René Lacoste Foundation –under the aegis of the Fondation de France- which ambition is to help young people, both in France and abroad, to find their way in life through sport and pass on to these young people the values in which René LACOSTE so firmly believed.

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Signature of a 5-year worldwide Home Textile license agreement with VINCENZO ZUCCHI S.p.A., effective from January 1st, 2007. It includes the exclusive worldwide manufacturing and distribution of the LACOSTE Home Textile collections, except for Japan and Singapore. Internet: At the end of the year, in addition to the corporate LACOSTE.com website, there was one specific site existing in each of the 28 most important countries. The number of unique visitors reached 1.4 million at the end of December. At 1st January 2007, 50 million items are sold under the LACOSTE brand each year. This represents a total wholesale turnover of 1.475 billion euros across 110 countries and a network of sports shops, specialized retailers, 925 LACOSTE boutiques and more than 2000 corners.




CLASSIFICATION The classification of collection is done as follows: MEN CLUB SPORTS WEAR SPORT WOMEN CHILDREN


LACOSTE'S PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY Major role in enhancing the brand value of Lacoste in the US Emphasized product placement in popular movies and TV shows Lacoste shirts were worn on-screen by popular movie and TV stars like Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums

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Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls Company also offered free Lacoste clothing to celebrities and popular figures

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